First Off, What is a Live-Edited Video?

Dallas Corporate VideographersNo, this isn’t a trick question. A live-edited video is exactly what the name implies, a video edited live or as it’s being recorded. Our Dallas corporate videographers can integrate multiple cameras or media inputs (laptops, PPTs, etc.) into a single, recorded video with a director behind our Blackmagic ATEM Video Switcher deciding which shot makes the cut at any given time. Additionally, this live edited video can display graphics on-screen, overlaid on top of the video footage. This process is frequently used for lower third, displaying calls-to-action, or as a split-screen with a PowerPoint feed, as demonstrated in one of the examples below. Live-edited videos can be turnaround around the moment they’re finished recording or they can receive minor adjustments afterward, if necessary. In either scenario, delivering publishable material is a relatively short process.

Why You Should Want Live Editing

Dallas corporate videographersWhile live editing is not necessarily a solution for every production, it certainly can be in scenarios where all of the creative elements are lined up prior to the production itself. In other words, if all the graphics are in place, the recordings are taking place all within the same area, and certainly if fast turnaround is required, then live editing is the ticket.

We can at times offer lower estimates resulting from the reduced man-hours needed to produce a finished video. If your presentation is being live-streamed or sent to a projector feed in the room simultaneously, a process referred to in our industry as “IMAG”, then we utilize our live-editing setup regardless.

Examples of Live-Edited Videos

This video demonstrates a common setup for recording of speaking engagements in a conference setting. It features a dual-camera setup with integration of a PPT feed in split-screen format that can be toggled to full-screen at any time. On more detailed slides with a lot of information, this is typically the case. This setup is also the most cost-efficient setup we can provide to seminars, conferences, etc.

We love recording performing arts. Check out more examples of live concerts captured by us on our concert page.

An example of a highlight video utilizing footage from a live streamed event and additional footage captured by our videographer team. Contact us about producing both full recordings of presentations as well as highlight videos.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Live Editing?

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