First Off, What is a Live-Edited Video?

Dallas Corporate VideographersNo, this isn’t a trick question. A live-edited video is exactly what the name implies, a video edited live or as it’s being recorded. Our Dallas corporate videographers can integrate multiple cameras or media inputs (laptops, PPTs, etc.) into a single, recorded video with a director behind our Tricaster video switcher deciding which shot makes the cut at any given time. The concept is by no means new, since any live TV broadcast has used some form of this technology for decades. However, we strive to bring this production setup to all types of Dallas / Fort Worth events where it can not only be used for recording but also live streaming and simultaneous broadcast to a projector screen. It doesn’t require a massive studio setup or production truck either. Our entire system can fit on a 6′ folding table.

Why You Should Want Live Editing

Dallas corporate videographersBesides the obvious benefits of being able to stream multiple cameras and devices live to the web or to a projector screen, referred to as “IMAG” in our industry, let’s think about what it takes to produce a video of your event the old-fashion way. You first have to record the footage, audio, and obtain copies of all the graphics, if there are any. All of that then has to go through an editing process whereby content is synced, graphics timed to follow along with the presentation, and then a rendering process after. Sometimes, this is called for, but with event content spanning an entire work day, you could be looking at many man-hours of labor to reproduce your content in video.

Now consider the benefits of a live-edited video which is effectively ready to be used the moment the recording concludes. The difference in turnaround is night and day. Consequently, we can often times offer a lower overall estimate due to the drastically reduced labor fees. This is why you should ask for live-editing on any type of corporate presentation, sales pitch, motivational message, or other type of content our team of Dallas corporate videographers can professionally capture.

Examples of Live-Edited Videos

The most common use of a live-edited video is for presentations that also utilize graphics for the physical audience. We can incorporate those in either a full or split-screen format.

Performing arts are great to live-edit and especially live-stream as well. Be aware though that copyrighted music approved for use in a live performance may not pass through filters on certain hosting platforms that block copyrighted music.

Anything live-streamed by us is going to be live-edited by default. It is seldom advisable to carry out a single camera shoot, regardless of the content. Ask us for more details on that.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Live Editing?

Chances are you're planning an event, so we'll want to hear about the logistics while we discuss how live-edited videos can integrate.
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