Why is Teleprompter Important?

Corporate Video ProductionFew things not only save time on video production but ensure quality and consistency in dialogue delivery more than teleprompter. Most of us don’t have photographic memory and for the fortunate few that do, speaking in front of camera is often times as nerve-racking as public speaking. While it’s normally a good idea to do multiple takes of any particular read, doing so off memory can sometimes lead to statements that are slightly re-worded each time, therefore causing inconsistency in content and potential difficulties during editing. On-screen talent less experienced with video production can also get frustrated from multiple mistakes during content presentation which further necessitates a teleprompter. Our goal at Ethos Media is to ensure that when pre-scripted content is generated for a video shoot that it is reproduced accurately on camera. While it often times adds a small additional fee to any production estimate, the benefits it provides far outweigh the costs. Our producers will normally recommend teleprompter for any type of commercial shoot that doesn’t involve candid responses, such as a testimonial.

These two videos had content delivered via teleprompter to the on-screen individual. This allowed for fewer takes and a more efficient production.

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