What to Know About Aerial Videography

Our professional aerial videography and photography services start at $350 for the first hour and $200 / hour after that using our standard drone at 4K video and 12 MP photos. Pricing includes basic retouching of photos and export into both high and web resolution JPG images and rendering of 4K footage into 1080 HD upon request. Contact us about higher resolution footage capabilities, available upon request.

Part 107 Summary

Part 107 refers to the section of the FAA guidelines that govern non-hobbyist small unmanned aircraft (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) usage of which we certainly qualify as a service provider for aerial videography and photography. The most common rules we’ll need to abide by when carrying out most shoots include the following:

  1. No flying over 400ft. This is generally not an issue as much footage is captured well under that altitude.
  2. No flying over people. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, we can fly around them.
  3. No flying at night. Generally this footage would need to be obtained from an actual aircraft (small plane or helicopter).
  4. No flying within five miles of an airport. If necessary, we can contact the airport in advance and request a temporary waiver which they may or may not grant.

Our pilots pay a fee and pass a test every two years to maintain their Part 107 license. If we determine your request is in violation of any regulation from Part 107, we will notify you in advance and suggest an alternative.

Got Questions About Aerial Coverage?

When contacting us, please provide a requested date, time, address, and general description of the shots you'd like our pilots to acquire.
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Common Uses of Aerial Content

What to Know About Aerial VideographyCommon uses of drones include property inspections, establishing shots of a venue for an event video, creative shots in things like music videos, and to show the breadth of an outdoor event or activity. In many cases, content needed for a particular video can be captured within or two hours at most. Drone footage is used primarily as b-roll in most videos meaning that for each minute of finalized content, drone footage may take up 3-10 seconds of that.

The 12 MP size of the photos equates to 9.7 x 14.5 inches without any digital enlargement. 4K video utilized within a 1080 output gives a video editor the ability to digitally zoom in to an image 50% without any image quality loss or interpolation. All of the zooming you see within the demo video on this page is resulting from this editing technique.

Other drones can be available at custom rates including hexa and octocopters with capabilities to fly cameras not specifically designed for aerial usage or built into the drone. If your video requires a consistent look across all footage or features unique to a particular camera, this is the only situation in which an advanced drone would be necessary. Visit this link for more information on advanced drones.