Virtual Event Production Company

Virtual Event Production Company

Virtual events have exploded in usage since COVID-19, and while conferencing software such as Zoom, WebEx, and others do provide some solutions for virtual meetings, there is quite a bit more that can be accomplished with a virtual event production company behind the scenes. Turn your next webinar or sales meeting into a television quality event with a host, on-screen graphics, real-time polling and Q&A, and exciting video transitions. Our team of virtual event experts can work with you to produce an event on par with what you have enjoyed in the past at in-person events. Check out some examples of events we have produced for our clients below.

Why Go Virtual with Your Event?

Because virtual events feature unique technical setups between different individual’s laptop/phone cameras, third party conferencing software controls, varying lighting and audio conditions, and other elements, there is a lot that could go wrong. Our team works with you to ensure the process for connecting and presenting is well-understood and all that backend work of interfacing with your choice of conferencing software is handled. This provides an enormous convenience to your team so that they can focus on their presentations, rather than troubleshooting technical issues.

We also work with your team with lighting, camera placement, audio, and internet connection to ensure your presenters look and sound their best. Presenting on a webcam is different than presenting in front of an in-room audience. We know how to help your presenters be at their best.

Need a custom web-based platform to host your event? These platforms can provide a virtual space to give your attendees customized schedules, speaker bios, downloadable content, links to follow up with your team, pre-recorded videos, video-on-demand from a previous day’s recordings, and more. The virtual event space can also be configured with your branding and custom color scheme, so that your company’s professionalism shines through.

With our broadcasting equipment, we control what your viewers will see which can include pre-recorded videos, scene transitions, graphics, picture-in-picture presentations, and much smoother and more controlled cuts between cameras. Web conferencing applications like Zoom and Webex are good but they do not come close to providing a broadcast-quality viewing experience. Whether your presenters are in the room or half a world away, or both… our production experts can seamlessly bring all of the elements together to make your virtual event something that makes an impact.

When you consider the cost of renting a ballroom, food and beverage costs, in-room A/V production, and room nights, the cost of a virtual production provides results at a fraction of the cost. With companies becoming more accustomed to working remotely and the health and safety of your people means travel is restricted, virtual events are an economical choice for meeting more regularly. When another Zoom or Webex meeting doesn’t seem like enough, Ethos Media Virtual Event Production Company can help you raise the bar and make your employees and customers take notice. We bring many years of experience in producing in-person events to the virtual space.

TV-Quality Broadcast

Picture-in-picture, or split-screen as it can also be referred to as, is a great way to create a more professional and engaging viewing experience for a remote audience. Instead of conferencing software deciding on its own whom is visible at any given time, those decisions are controlled by a professional video production director who can also set up a view like this, which is more conversational and easy for viewers to follow.

Virtual Event Space

virtual event production company

An example of what your web-based platform for your virtual event can look like. These platforms can contain links to a wide array of information, video on demand, locations for live presentations, speaker info, and much more. They can be customized in a variety of styles and include plenty of branding, include those contributed by event sponsors.

Behind the Scenes

virtual event production company

Behind the scenes of the production setup that can sometimes be necessary to execute a virtual event smoothly. Professional video production devices and software such as Tricaster, VMix, GnuralNet, Blackmagic ATEM, and others all play a role in creating an engaging experience that far exceeds the capabilities of conferencing software on its own. Beyond the technology however is our virtual event production company team that will work with you in the weeks leading up to your event to ensure all your objectives are met.

About Virtual Events

Professional Video Production

virtual event production company

In addition to our virtual events, we bring years of experience handling in-person events and the professional video production capabilities along with it. Whether you need your host on a virtual set or just a nice-looking ,well-lit, and well-sounding image in a studio setting, we’re prepared to make it happen! We can also provide post-event editing services to modify video content for advertising or to produce a highlight video. Virtual events can also be live streamed to multiple different platforms simultaneously including all of the common online platforms like YouTube,  Vimeo, and most social media outlets.

Ready to Plan Your Virtual Event?

We'll help you plan out your platform, creative elements, video infrastructure, and much more for your virtual event. No-obligation consultations available!

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