How Video Production Pricing Works

video production pricingProfessional video production is a highly customizable product. Just like you can order a car with stock features, but also order another car with enhanced performance and high-tech components, video too can take many shapes and sizes. When you contact the Ethos Media team, we will first and foremost seek to understand your goals for a video project and how you realize an ROI. If you don’t have a vision in mind already, that’s okay. We can help with that too! For most types of videos, we’ll then need to determine the logistics. Who, what, when, where, why, and how.

We’ll craft the video’s production quality based on your available budget. However, just like how the enhanced, high-tech car can get you from point A to point B, so too can the car straight out of the factory. Bells and whistles serve their purpose in video production but aren’t always necessary to get your point across. Our focus is equal parts on content as it is on production quality.

Cost Controls to Consider

Click through the toggles below to learn about video production logistics and the different types of design elements that create production value.

We sometimes get clients that request only a single videographer to be on site. While there are situations where that does make sense, more often that not, doing so would shortchange the quality of the production and could lead to potential technical mistakes as well. Have you ever watched any movie and noticed how long the list of credits is? This is because that on a movie, most people have one job and only one job that they must focus on to get right.

Multi-tasking is possible on the considerably simpler shoots we often do, but it’s incumbent upon clients to trust our recommendation for whatever crew sizes we estimate we need. We don’t bloat our crew sizes just to make extra money. Our focus is exclusively on having an efficient shoot that delivers on the quality we advertise.

Our team can work anywhere in the country, but these considerations may have an impact on production costs:

  1. Have your shoot completed in the D/FW or Denton area to eliminate travel and/or lodging expenses.
  2. Utilize your own locations for filming. While studio rental may be completely justified in some cases, they do generally add an additional fee.
  3. Multiple locations add substantial production value to your video, but each location adds time for equipment setup and strike and subsequent costs.

The three tiers of on-screen graphics start with still, then motion, and finally animation each with their applications and respective costs.

  1. In most cases, utilizing still graphics, photos, and on-screen text is no additional charge during editing and can accomplish a great deal. You can find this utilized in almost every video we do in some form or fashion.
  2. Motion graphics are the next tier up and animate still graphics in a wide range of different ways. Motion graphics can animate your logo, create lower third templates for name-plates, can demonstrate a process not practically filmed, and create eye-catching call-to-actions. Depending on the scope of work, custom-produced motion graphics can range anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 in added costs to an overall production.
  3. The final and most sophisticated form of on-screen graphics is 3D animation which, as the name suggests, brings graphics to life in all visual dimensions. There is no limit to what 3D animation can create nor is there a limit to the professional flair it adds to your production. 3D animation will be the most time-consuming during production and the most expensive, so there should be clear goals in mind for its use before making that kind of investment. The average price of a 3D animated sequence can range from $3,000 – $20,000+. With provision of a pre-existing CAD file of your object or product, costs on animation can be lowered.

There are many types of cameras on the market, and your video can be filmed on any of them. Whether you’re particular to a brand or need a recommendation, we can help determine the most cost-effective choice.

We have two baseline cameras that are well suited for most productions. If you find yourself wanting an upper-tier cinema camera such as a RED, ARRI, or other raw-capable camera, our team is capable of capturing content on those as well. Please note that with the enhanced quality footage and workflow required to process raw footage, estimates using these cameras will be higher than those shot on our baseline equipment.

We define third-party talent as an individual who whose skills can be used in a variety of settings but directly service the video production process. Examples include:

  1. Actors. They can demonstrate a process, be your spokesperson, work in the background of a scene, simulate customer interaction, and perform many other tasks.
  2. Voice Actors. Anyone can talk, but presenting narration content effectively is a skill that takes practice and refinement. Voice actors are highly recommended for many commercial or corporate-based videos.
  3. Make-Up. As cameras get sharper and image quality more detailed, one should not underestimate the importance of make-up not just for women but for men as well. A professional make-up artist will ensure you look your best, even under professional lighting.

Average Video Costs

For a single, 1-3 minute video with common design elements such as background music, basic on-screen graphics, an animated logo reveal, and both the primary and secondary types of footage capture, you can expect to pay between $2,500 – $5,000 on average. This fee covers consultation, production, and editing with the assumption of at least one or two minor revisions to the initial edit. We are all about educating our clients. Upon request, our estimates can break down costs and provide line-items for optional services that would enhance the quality of your video. Such add-ons can include third party talent, makeup services, use of a studio location, aerial coverage from our licensed drone pilot, additional production days, and more.

This short video will summarize our thought-process when it comes to multimedia project pricing, especially video. The more upfront information about your project you can provide when contacting our team, the faster we can provide an estimate.

What Else About Pricing?

Still not sure what your video will cost? You can visit this link for a more comprehensive list of factors that affect production costs. The simplest approach however may be to simply link us video(s) already on the internet that demonstrate design elements you want in your own production. Especially if planning an event video, be sure you have the basic logistics determined such as where the event is, when it’s taking place, etc. If wanting to live stream an event or meeting, visit our live streaming page and fill out the specific contact form for those type of requests while reading over the information we have there.

We’re here to help you figure things out and be as transparent as possible during the estimate process. Contact us at 214-733-7370 to speak with Devin Connelly by phone or use the contact form to send a general inquiry.

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