Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

Are you concerned that your budget for video production will be wasted and not produce any real benefit to you or your business?

If so, you are not alone!  The following screenshot is a redacted image of an actual video currently ranking #2 in YouTube for the keyword search phrase “plumber SUBURB”, where SUBURB is a large suburb in the United States with over 100,000 population.

example of bad video marketing for local businesses in dallas fort worth texas

You are reading that correctly!  Just five views in five years of being live!

While it is possible that the video was used on other platforms to some extent, one would think that this business could have generated WAY more than five views in five years.  The concerning thing is that this is far too common on most video-sharing platforms.

Take a look for yourself.

Go to a site like YouTube or Vimeo or Rumble and type in a phrase (include a decent-sized city or suburb) and you will see the landscape littered with older videos and very few views.  Chances are that you will see this over and over again.

Marketing Services

We can help you with several services pertaining to your new videos as well as many of your existing videos.  These can include:

  • Determining what to do with your videos and any additional marketing materials you may need
  • Ways to increase your videos’ overall views to your desired audience
  • Where else to upload your videos besides the major social media channels and YouTube
  • Targeted paid ad services to reach your desired audience in a platform like YouTube
  • Services to help you get your video ranking well in YouTube as well as possibly in the search engines for targeted keyword search phrases
  • Ways to help local businesses use their new videos inside local business listings such as Google Business Profile
  • Adding your videos to video playlists designed to rank well in YouTube and Google for keywords being entered by your prospective audience(s)
  • Much more

Contact Ethos Media today to learn more about these services.  Whether you have used Ethos for your video production or if you have existing videos produced by other means, we can help you get more from videos than you may have been able to get on your own.

What Does This Mean?  How Can I Market My Video And Get Traffic And Leads Or Sales From My Efforts?

If you work with us in pre-production, chances are you will have done some real thought into giving your desired prospective audience what they are seeking.

Whether it is explaining to them a new option which they didn’t know existed, all the way to highlighting your recent industry award in order to convey that your company is trustworthy for the product or service for which the prospective audience is searching, the video tools you need will be in place.

Unlike most other video production companies, we want to go one step further and help you get more targeted views, search rankings, and overall use from the video(s) which you will receive.  These just won’t be “views” for the sake of views.  You will want to increase the chances of your video being seen by the right kind of people so that an actual return on your investment can be realized.

Ethos Media has partnered with Bullpen Marketing to help you customize a strategy which helps you get more from the video above and beyond your likely efforts once the video is delivered.  There are several ways in which Bullpen Marketing’s approach can help you:

  • Help you get increased rankings in YouTube for some of your desired keywords
  • Increase the chances of your being found in YouTube as a “suggested” or “related” video
  • Target the right audience inside YouTube to see your video and then click to go to your desired website landing page, social media property, or other web property
  • Embed your video inside a newsworthy press release targeting specific keywords
  • Setting up your YouTube channel to help increase the chances of all of your channel’s videos getting seen more organically
  • Working with you to find hidden audiences to whom to target your new and existing videos
  • Getting your video embedded on third party blogs to help your video possibly rank well in Google – not just YouTube
  • Unique ways to use playlists in order to help your video get more exposure
  • Much more

That Sounds Interesting, But Do You Have Any Proof?

One of our clients needed help after his videos were produced.  He needed to let parents of young children know that there is a third option when their children have severe cavities on baby teeth.  Most parents will be faced with the choice of a “white” crown which is fragile and may need to be replaced even before the baby teeth fall out; or they have to resort to stainless steel (aka “silver”) teeth which can lead to their child being teased or become emotionally withdrawn.

However, there is a third option which combines the durability of stainless steel with the white crown of the original option.  The problem is that parents don’t know that such an option exists.

The strategy Bullpen Marketing employed was to work with the client and determine the kinds of parents who needed to know that such an option existed.  The choice was made to do the following:

  • Find search engine keywords with monthly volume and which also indicated that parents are looking for an “alternative” to silver teeth
  • Optimize those keywords on his video
  • Optimize the description of his video
  • Run ads to parents with kids in the age range of baby teeth
  • Target videos pertaining to pediatric dentistry
  • Send those interested to a special landing page if they click the button while watching the video running as an ad

This is just one combination of actions showing how Bullpen Marketing will work with you to customize an approach specific to your company’s situation.

The results?

Bullpen Marketing optimized and marketed 10 of the client’s 12 videos.  Those 10 videos have now earned, within 15 months, a combined total of nearly 18,000 views – both from paid ads and organically-earned views.

This doesn’t even include views on other video platforms where the same 10 videos were uploaded.

One of the client’s videos alone earned over 8200 views on this topic within a year, and he also received several comments on the specific video to which he replied:

example of successful video marketing for local and national business located in dallas fort worth

Video Example 1

Example of client getting over 8200 views for his video to help parents wanting an alternative to stainless steel (“silver”) crowns for their children’s baby teeth.

Video Example 2

Based on discussions with the client and his real-life conversations with parents and kids, the risk of being bullied due to “metal mouth” (kids with stainless steel crowns for baby teeth) is a significant fear.  Therefore another video was produced by Ethos Media, and traffic sent to this video by Bullpen Marketing, to address this topic more in-depth and give parents an alternative to stainless steel crowns.

Video Example 3

A video testimonial from a real patient’s mother discussing the before, during, and after experience with the Baby Prl method to help round out the range of video content we produced for Garland Pediatric Dental, all within one production run.

Okay, I’m Interested.  What Is My Next Step?

Let’s keep this simple.  First, contact the team at Ethos Media.  They then will arrange a time for you, Ethos, and Bullpen Marketing to talk and discuss your goals.

Unlike the above example, you may not necessarily need to make people aware of a brand-new product or service for which they have no clue even exists.  Instead, you may have a need simply to rank well in YouTube for a service with lots of competitors.

You may need help with getting your video to rank in the search engines instead of just YouTube.  Or you may want to get your video more exposure to prospective job applicants to make them feel comfortable about applying to your company.

The initial conversation with Ethos Media and Bullpen Marketing will focus on your goals and what type of video Ethos Media will produce to help you with those goals.  Coming out of that conversation you will have a good understanding of what Bullpen Marketing will do with your video once you approve the final video production & editing.

At that point you will work with Bullpen Marketing on the approach and nuances to give your video exposure to the prospective audience.  Part of the game plan also will be discussing how you like to track and see results.  These can range from views, impressions, clicks, or something else.

Hopefully you will see a respectable return on your time and marketing budget by working with Ethos Media and Bullpen Marketing…. And at least get a lot more than the earlier example of just 5 views in 5 years of being live!

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Also, I Already Have Videos From A While Back Made By Another Video Production Company.  Can I Still Increase My Video’s Views And Clicks Without Paying For A New Video With Ethos Media?

In most cases, the answer to your question is yes!

If you like how Ethos Media and Bullpen Marketing help your existing videos get more exposure, then just remember Ethos Media the next time you need any sort of produced or live-streamed video services.  Take a look at this link for some examples of Ethos Media’s video production services at this link.

Ready to give your video marketing a supercharge?

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