Working with a Video Commercial Production Company

Are you ready to have a commercial or marketing video produced? You check out studies on the effectiveness of online video ads here and over here. There are steps we believe everyone should take so that collaboration between you and a video commercial production company like us can be maximized to greatest effect. We want to invest in you both during and after the process. Two ways we accomplish this are by promoting your video on our website and social media channels and by offering up post-video marketing services through our partnership with Bullpen Marketing to take things a considerable step further in the world of online marketing. Look through the list below to see if you’re ready to have a commercial video produced and then contact us for a consultation!

video commercial production company

What Do You Know About Your Customers?

Honestly, this is a question we have to ask ourselves on a repeated basis. If you’ve reached the point where you want to do a video commercial, chances are you’ve already been in business for a period of time. So what do you know about your customer base? Why did they choose you? Why do they come back to you? What attracts them to your product or service over a competitor? One of the first things you should do is gather some kind of data that answers these questions, so you have some foundation for what your video’s content should reflect. Chances are, whatever the consensus is will be what also appeals to someone new to your business. Now, if you’re starting with something brand new, you can likely do research on comparable products or services out there. Either way, get to know your customers through any reasonable means necessary before you contact someone like us to craft content for them in video format.

What Resources Do You Have Available?

We can provide literally everything you need to bring your vision to life. On a limited budget, though? You’ll have to make due with what you have available in certain key areas:

  • Who’s on camera: There are many benefits to hiring third party for either a voiceover or on-screen presence, but putting yourself or someone on your team, presumably not a professional, may mean you’ll want to start practicing your delivery. You’ll want to pay key attention to your cadence, body language, and the flow of your script.
  • Where to film: Like third party professionals, there are many benefits to a studio or rented filming location , not the least of which being no disruption to your place of business. If we do film at your place, depending on what we’re doing, you may need to clear a space of furniture, stuff on the wall, and other distractions. Conversely, you may also have to add stuff to an otherwise boring backdrop or flat wall.
  • Writing a script and directing: Both of these have individual professionals that can work on the respective aspects of video production. What this boils down to is the concept for your video. Often times, we simply bring out a cinematographer and film crew to handle technical aspects of a shoot, but having someone who is an expert in content can be a necessary and huge benefit. If on a limited budget, we may be relying on you to craft your own direction and script and convey the message to the cinematographer to then storyboard.

Clients of ours have received great videos despite utilizing their own resources, so this section is more of an FYI than us preemptively casting doom on a production. Every project and client is unique.

Do You Have a Plan for Your Video Content After Production?

We can’t emphasize the importance of a plan for how to use your content enough. The internet is FLOODED with video content every day, so even the finest production can and likely will fall flat without a proper plan in place for how to use it. This frequently means that it needs to be crafted according to the particular platform, posted frequently with variations in the title and description (if on social media), and may even involve paid ad campaigns. Whatever the case may be, studying how your customers tend to find you could potentially mean that a video online isn’t going to produce the best ROI versus other methods of marketing. If you do see a lot of online traffic, then video is by far one of the most engaging and comprehensive methods of communicating a message to your customer base. Just make sure you have a plan that for sure involves organic means of distribution and possible paid methods as well.

Closing Thoughts

Working with a video commercial production company like us is something that should be considered by everyone, because if you aren’t, the sheer volume of video content out there almost guarantees that your competition is. We emphasize on our homepage that content is king, but part in parcel with that is adequate preparation beforehand and a solid marketing plan after the tool that video is becomes available. Make sure you’re ready by reviewing the content above, so that we maximize the potential we have as one of your temporary team members fully invested in your success. Your success with a video we produce means our success.

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