Top 5 Reasons for Using an Actor or Spokesperson

Top five reasons for using an actor or spokespersonBefore we discuss the top five reasons for using an actor or spokesperson, it’s important to recognize that there are other types of third-party talent that can also fall into the same category when it comes to video production staff. Voice actors, dancers/choreographers, makeup artists, are all industry professionals generally not directly employed by a production company but nonetheless serve as valuable contractors. Often times, they are represented by a talent agency that can sometimes add on additional fees or stipulations for their use but overall tend to provide a higher caliber of individual to be involved in your video.

Top Five Reasons for Using an Actor or Spokesperson

Third-party talent does cost money, but so does time. Time spent trying to perfect a presentation and time spent during production with potential re-takes are factors to consider when hiring a polished and professional individual to perform on camera. You could also consider the cost of a ruined video if internal people who appear in the video all of the sudden stop working for your company. Our network of professionals have spent years developing their respective crafts and can perform under the spotlight better than non-professionals and in less time.

You may know your business but certain types of professionals such as actors and voice actors know how to make it look good. It’s important to consider that your physical appearance might not be suited for making a sales pitch to your viewing audience. In another example, a softer, more light-hearted voice may appeal to certain demographics over a strong and authoritative demeanor. When working with Ethos Media, we’ll discuss these aspects of video production with you to determine who is the right choice for presenting your video’s dialogue.

As mentioned earlier, while hiring internally for on-screen talent may save money initially, companies run the risk of having to scrap a commercial or re-shoot it if the individual later goes on to leave the company. Hiring talent from outside your company ensures longevity of a commercial production.

Business owners may find themselves in an industry where their expertise is certainly not in question, but their personality may not be suitable for connecting with a target market. Advertising can sometimes require scenes that are out of the ordinary for a business owner or employee to effectively perform. The right professional can sing, dance, talk in a different accent, and perform a wide range of tasks that are more convincing to your viewing audience than an employee.

The late Billy Mays had developed a reputation for being a fun, energetic, and effective pitchman. Viewing audiences knew that whatever he decided to represent was a product that not only worked but that he would cut them a double or triple offer on. Also think about professional athletes or actors that associate themselves with a brand and the fan base they bring with them. Picking an individual recognized in one industry can carry over a new market with them that your product or service might not otherwise effectively reach.

Our Use of Third-Party Talent

Take advantage of our extensive network of third party professionals by hiring us for your video production. Our producers can screen individuals and make recommendations for your consideration based on pricing, availability, appearance, and a variety of other factors.

We can also handle the negotiation with talent agencies, casting directors, or other individuals involved in the transaction, if necessary. Our goal will be to simplify the process as much as possible while maintaining favorable terms for talent release.

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