how to market with multiple videos

How to Market Online with Multiple Videos

The multi-video approach to marketing is a frequent recommendation to our clients as it enables us to craft video content for the various online platforms available today. Those platforms include a website, social media channels, email blasts, and third-party website profiles. In some cases, there may be direct requirements for a particular platform such as a target run-time, aspect ratio, or other technical nuance. Most of the time, one simply has to account for the environment the video lives in. For example, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are very crowded. There are plenty of other images, videos, and text vying for the viewers attention so an optimized video may have to be shorter, use more buzzwords as on-screen text, and have captions since audio is disabled by default until the viewer manually enables it. If another video is designed for YouTube pre-roll advertisement, the first five seconds may be the only opportunity provided to get the message across.

In less extreme examples, a multi-video approach is primarily designed to reach your audience first with a short video…basically a teaser. Assuming they like what they see, you can easily point them to a more extended version of the same content and/or your website. This was the approach demonstrated below with Belluscura when we captured their company participation at the Lungforce Walk of 2022 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. See below to learn more about how to market online with multiple videos.

how to market online with multiple videos

Short Form

Short form videos like this could function well in email blasts, as YouTube pre-roll, or in a social media post. They’re just enough to get people interested in learning more, typically have upbeat music, and quick cuts.

Medium Form

Basically a somewhat longer version of the short form. This video is produced if there’s simply too much great content to cut out that a video is forced into a longer version. You have the opportunity to potentially get more than one selling point across here, but overall this video serves the same purpose as the short form.

Extended Form

Extended form and it’s long form counterpart are the two types of videos that could be shown on a website, as a looped video at a trade show, or used in social media posts if you determine your content is compelling enough to hold a passive audience’s attention.

Long Form

Long form is considerably more narrative-driven and potentially holds the most power in motivating your viewing audience to action. It should be paired with a written description that complements the content and contains a call-to-action. It’s part entertainment and part marketing. Outside of online outlets, you could use a video like this to a captive audience at a presentation or public event.

Is This Strategy Expensive?

No, we’re not actually trying to soak our customers for all their worth by recommending this. The way this works is that what frequently happens, particularly in an event capture with multiple shooters, way more footage than what is needed for a single video is acquired. This means we can simply use that additional footage or repurpose existing footage for an alternate version of a video or to make a brand new one altogether. Because the crew isn’t having to come back out for additional content capture, a process that involves the most cost on average, producing multiple videos within a single production run doesn’t involve substantial additional cost. We encourage you to contact us using the link below to learn more about this and how it can apply to your unique production.

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