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The Conference Video Recording Setup

Conference Video Recording SetupThe typical conference video recording setup we provide in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX areas, notably in hotel locations like The Gaylord Texan, The Star in Frisco, and others, consists of a dual-camera setup paired with our ATEM video switcher system that can integrate graphics, playback pre-recorded videos, and live stream content as well upon request.

We provide services nationwide. Our setup can be modified to include more cameras, a custom audio setup, and IMAG (live camera feed to projectors). Graphics can either be custom-produced or obtained from a live feed of a computer utilizing PowerPoint, which is more often the case with many clients.

What’s great about this setup is the fact that publishable or mostly-done video content is produced as it’s being recorded. Camera cuts and graphic cues are made in real-time meaning that the edited content is either ready to go immediately after in some cases or only needs minor adjustments in post.

Conference Video Example

Recorded on behalf of the Black Diamond Group at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX, this video was showcases portions of recordings made over the course of a two-day period that demonstrate what a typical conference video recording looks like.

Additional Notes

We utilize brand new Blackmagic Studio 4K Pro cameras paired with our Constellation ATEM on many of our shoots. This is a robust setup that has great image quality. In other situations, we may utilize our Sony cameras that function better in dimmer lighting conditions we sometimes run into in hotel ballrooms or similar venues. Whatever the case may be, we work to make sure your content looks and sounds great. All audio recordings go through at least some level of post-production treatment to better optimize them for video.

What Is This Setup Best Used For?

This video production setup is optimized for conference recordings where formal presentations need to be captured in its entirety. We are certainly capable of producing highlight videos that feature a variety of candid footage, onsite interviews, etc., but we utilize a different camera setup for that. Basically, if you have people on stage presenting information, an interview where multiple, matching camera angles are needed, or something else taking place in a confined area, our live conference video recording setup is for you. As mentioned earlier, this is a typical setup for live streaming as well since the ATEM system has that capability.

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