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Screen Capture Video Production Services

Screen Capture Video Production ServicesScreen capture videos are a handy way to showcase software processes, website functions, and other content that is otherwise displayed on a computer screen. Our professional screen capture video production services provide much more than what most software is capable of doing on its own, and it’s important to add those extra design elements to ensure a professional and quality video.

For starters, quality audio is just as important for screen capture videos than it is with normal videos. While headset and inexpensive microphones can be obtained, using our professional setup ensures better quality audio and elimination of any ambient noise where you might record at.

Make a mistake during recording? No problem, our editing services will cut around any mistakes during dialogue recording. With our post-editing services, you can also add graphics, zoom in to parts of the screen for added emphasis, and add background music.

Record screen capture content either as stand-alone videos or as part of a traditional video. We can even add a live feed of the presenter in a split-screen setup as well. Whatever your goals are, contact us for a consultation and affordable pricing on professional screen capture video production services.

Screen Capture Video Example

This demonstration screen capture video shows off our website and a few of the additional design elements you can’t add yourself within the screen capture software. Our screen capture setup can be brought to your place of business for convenient recording, so contact us today for a consultation.