How Video Production Pricing Works

Professional Video Production PricingProfessional video production is a highly customizable product, just like cars. A 2024 Corvette can get you from point A to B just like a 2001 Honda Accord, similar to how a basic video may be able to accomplish your goals the same as one with enhanced features. When you speak with our team, we’ll hear about your vision and, if needed, recommend what we think will make the most bang for your buck.

Video production is divided into three stages:

  • Pre-Production: Storyboarding, concept development, script-writing, and optional third-party services like talent or animation.

  • Production: Filming of your content with appropriate crew and equipment.

  • Post-Production: Editing of your content and creation of optional graphics and/or animation. Revisions to an initial edit are routine to the process.

Cost Controls to Consider

Our goal is first and foremost to ensure we get your job done correctly, the first time. Re-shoots and missed opportunities with content can be costly, way more so than doing things right the first time. We’ve broken down some of the basic considerations we make when determining cost:

  • Time: Labor is often the biggest expense in any production, so working with us to determine the time it takes to produce your video or cover your event/live stream is a conversation we’ll have with you.

  • Location(s): The backdrop(s) of your video makes a huge difference in production quality. Video shoots can either be done at your location of choice or in a studio¬† setting. We can also browse services like Peerspace in order to find a suitable natural backdrop that average from $65 – $150/hour. Alternatively, green screen video is still very much a viable option for certain types of productions. Watch this example of a green screen production.

  • Graphics and Animation: There are three types of graphics that can be used in video, simple still graphics, motion graphics, and 3D animation. Watch this short video to learn more to get educated on these. Custom animations can be a great addition if used in the right situation.

  • Third-Party Talent: This refers to anyone a part of the production that isn’t you or our crew. Examples include actors, voice actors, makeup artists, and other professionals that play a role in production. These people can be independent or sourced from a talent agency. Read this blog post for benefits of using third-party talent.

Average Video Costs

We’re not the cheapest production company out there, but when hiring us, you’re investing in a team that wants you to succeed. Your success with a video is our success. Our advertised quality requires high-end gear and expertise behind the scenes. There may also be third-party costs, depending on the nature of your project. For most video projects, we can cater to different budgets by offering a “good”, “better”, and “best” level of production quality and explain the implications of all three during consultation.

This short video will summarize our thought-process when it comes to multimedia project pricing, especially video. The more upfront information about your project you can provide when contacting our team, the faster we can provide an estimate.

How Do I Get an Estimate?

When contacting us, include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Basic Information: When is your shoot, where will it or where would you like it to be located, and from when to when will it last?

  • Examples: Are there any videos by us or someone else that demonstrate some or all of what you’re looking for? Send us links!

  • Scope: How many videos do you want produced?

  • Third Party Talent: Examples include actors, voice actors, makeup artists, aerial footage/photos, and anyone else associating with a unique skill.

  • Visit this link for another look at costs that can affect video production.

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