How Video Production Pricing Works

video production pricingProfessional video production is a highly customizable product. Just like you can order a car with stock features, but also order another one with enhanced performance and high-tech components, video too can take many shapes and sizes. Sometimes bells and whistles are justified where other times they’re just fluff whose ROI you’ll never see. The pricing structure for a non-event or live streaming video is broken down into three major components:

  • Pre-Production: Storyboarding, concept development, script-writing, and optional third-party services like talent or animation.

  • Production: Filming of your content with appropriate crew and equipment.

  • Post-Production: Editing of your content and creation of optional graphics and/or animation. Revisions to an initial edit are routine to the process.

Cost Controls to Consider

Click through the toggles below to learn about video production logistics and the different types of design elements that create production value.

  • Crew Requirements: We will always account for the proper crew size in order to get a filming job done efficiently and, more importantly, correctly. Our desire is to minimize the interruption of our client’s day by having a film crew take up space at their location or at a studio. While our typical crew size ranges from 2-4 people, single-crew shoots are possible under special circumstances. If it becomes necessary to reduce crew size due to budget constraints, we will always explain the implications.

  • Location(s): The backdrop(s) of your video makes a huge difference in production quality. There can also be considerations to make in terms of filming logistics that fully justify the use of a third-party studio or themed location. North Texas has a number of high quality studios that provide all involved a great filming experience. We can also browse services like Peerspace in order to find a suitable natural backdrop that average from $50 – $125/hour. In the event a natural backdrop simply isn’t possible, consider using green screen in order to create your own.

  • Graphics and Animation: There are three types of graphics that can be used in video, with still graphics being the simplest and least expensive, followed by motion graphics which are basically an animated version of still graphics, and then 3D animation which can open up a wealth of possibilities for presenting content but is the most expensive and time-consuming of the three. Watch this video to learn more. Also, ask us about taking advantage of more affordable alternatives utilizing pre-made and royalty-free animation templates.

  • Third-Party Talent: Refers to anyone a part of the production that isn’t you or our crew. This includes actors, voice actors, makeup artists, and other professionals that play a role in production. We do not upcharge for use of third-party talent in our productions and provide 100% transparency in their fees as requested. There are pros and cons to enlisting professionals in these areas, so be sure to inquire for more information and take advantage of the wealth of pros available in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Average Video Costs

For professional video production pricing, we can offer a “good”, “better”, and “best” level of production quality and explain the details of all three during consultation. Our fees generally cover consultation, production, and editing with the assumption of at least one or two minor revisions to the initial edit. We are all about educating our clients. Upon request, our estimates can break down costs and provide line-items for optional services that would enhance the quality of your video. Such add-ons can include third party talent, makeup services, use of a studio location, aerial coverage from our licensed drone pilot, additional production days, and more. If interested in pricing for more comprehensive live event production and/or live streaming, please contact us for a consultation. 

This short video will summarize our thought-process when it comes to multimedia project pricing, especially video. The more upfront information about your project you can provide when contacting our team, the faster we can provide an estimate.

What Else About Pricing?

Still not sure what your video will cost? You can visit this link for a more comprehensive list of factors that affect production costs. The simplest approach however may be to simply link us video(s) already on the internet that demonstrate design elements you want in your own production. Especially if planning an event video, be sure you have the basic logistics determined such as where the event is, when it’s taking place, etc. If wanting to live stream an event or meeting, visit our live streaming page and fill out the specific contact form for those type of requests while reading over the information we have there.

We’re here to help you figure things out and be as transparent as possible during the estimate process. Contact us at 214-733-7370 to speak with Devin Connelly by phone or use the contact form to send a general inquiry.

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