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Lifestyle Video Marketing Company What exactly are we referring to as “lifestyle video marketing” when it comes to commercial production? Simply put, it’s a slice of life demonstration of what it’s like for your customers when they use your product or service. You may have heard that people buy into the “why” you do something instead of the “what” you do, and this type of video caters to that idea.

Obviously, these commercials feature happy people with demonstrations of key selling points for your product or service and subconsciously transports the viewing audience into their shoes. As long as people can visualize the end-goal, or the light at the end of whatever tunnel their in, they’re more likely to gain a better understanding of the value your product or service brings.

If you’re ready to get started with these types of video productions, continue reading below.

Creative Elements

  • Product Shots: The meat and potatoes of your video that shows the product up close and personal. You can do brief highlights of features using narration or on-screen text at this time.

  • Third Party Talent: Chances are, you’ll want to hire actors and/or a voiceover artist that fit certain demographic preferences based on what you perceive is your target market. They can be independently filmed or shown together as a couple.

  • Background Music: You’ll want to take advantage of our access to royalty-free background music of a select genre, theme, and mood, all of which go in to creating an atmosphere that puts your viewing audience in the right state of mind to make a purchasing decisions.

  • Animation: While optional, animation or motion graphics can provide an attention-grabbing means to demonstrate a product or service in a way that can’t practically be filmed. It can also be used to highlight features or graphically reveal your logo and other branding elements.

What to Communicate

Ready to talk shop? We’ll want to hear about your overall marketing strategy and you’d want video to fit in. There are a few things we’ll ask you about in order to come up with an accurate estimate for your production.

  • Where to Film? If you don’t have specific locations in mind, know that we can assist with that process and can utilize any number of quality studios in the D/FW area or find natural settings through services like Peerspace.

  • Ready to Direct? Some clients have marketing departments that have already gone through the storyboarding process for video while others are starting from square one. Be sure to let us know what to expect when it comes to direction of your video.

  • Custom Animation? If you’re convinced that custom animation of any kind is necessary due to a lack of a physical prototype or some other reason, be sure to let us know what type of animation you’ll want (motion graphics, 3D, or still graphics) and approximately how long a sequence(s) will be. This type of information is essential to get an accurate bid.

  • How Many Videos? Sometimes a series of videos is the best approach, depending on the viewing platform, scope of the product or service, and other factors. Producing more videos as opposed to a single can often times be done at a bulk-pricing rate, thus saving money in the long-run as opposed to separate productions over a period of time. We can discuss with you the implications of both during consultation.

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