Live Streaming Samples

Tech Talk That’s Important to You

Here some lessons on how to make a live stream successful to your bottom line. While our goal is to make the process of professionally live streaming as painless as possible, here is a brief list of things you DO need to be aware of in order to make sure your stream is a success. Most of these have an impact on our estimates as well, so click through each toggle below.

The producer, in this scenario, is what we define as an individual familiar with the flow of your show, able to communicate with us and others on timing of queues, and is able to respond to unexpected scenarios if and when they arise. If requested, an experienced individual on our team can function in this capacity, but it’s important to know early on in the planning stages if that is to be the case.

Make sure your venue has a good internet connection of at least 10Mbps or higher UPLOAD speed. This is our minimum recommended speed for a 1080 stream. Download speed is largely irrelevant. Ask your venue to run a test on to verify their speeds. If the venue internet is not at least this speed, downgrading the stream to 720 HD is still a viable option. Also, make sure the venue has ethernet access ports within 150′ or less from where your event is taking place. Wi-Fi streaming is possible with our equipment, but we will always seek out an ethernet connection to better ensure a reliable connection throughout your broadcast. As a last resort, mobile hotspot internet can work, though we cannot guarantee a 100% reliable connection throughout your broadcast due to the nature of wireless signals.

Sound is a separate service from video and almost always requires separate equipment and personnel. In very simplistic shoots, we can make due with simple audio setups that can be managed by a crew member doubling up on something else. However, if you’re running a mid to large-sized event, you’ll need the separate setup. Often times, we can interface with DJ’s, third parties, or external venue sound systems brought in by companies such as PSAV or Encore. Usually this can be done at no additional cost so as long as a feed of their channel mix can be simultaneously sent to us.

Our standard lighting setups are designed for small presentations and interviews. We do not possess large-scale stage lighting or the ability to light a scene from across a mid to large-sized room. Third party involvement will almost always need to be contracted to light stages or similar areas for an event. To save your accounting department time and effort, third party lighting companies can be paid through us with an upfront down payment, and we do not mark up our own estimates for their involvement.

It is important to understand that ceiling lighting in most places (hotel ballrooms, offices, etc.) is typically neither bright enough or flattering enough to be utilized effectively for video.

Graphics and pre-made videos can absolutely be displayed through our system during your broadcast. They can be utilized as full-screen, split-screen, or picture-in-picture formats. If you seek an ROI with your live stream, having graphics on the screen periodically that present calls-to-action are essential for this. Talk to us about assistance in creating still or animated images and the scope of what we recommend for your specific event.

Most hosting sites for live streams provide viewers with some way to interact with your broadcast, typically through chatrooms. Your content can and should be planned to interact with viewers live to help motivate them to your respective calls-to-action. Answering questions live on air is a great way to do this. Designating someone to moderate chatrooms and respond to questions is another effective means to encourage interactivity. Taking advantage of the tools available can produce both short and long-term results for your bottom line and should be utilized.

Brief Notes on Professional Live Streaming

We cannot stress how important some kind of promotion campaign in advance of your live stream is to the success and ROI of your broadcast. Do not assume people will magically show up to watch anything live. Even major blockbuster movies like the Avengers still released trailers and other ads, despite there being little to no question that the movies would be a success. If you don’t perceive a significant live viewing audience showing up but still want your content recorded for later us, by all means contact us regarding that for what typically can be a lower estimate.

Behind the Scenes During Ethos Media Live Streaming