2017 Year in Review

Footage filmed by Ethos Media is strewn about this 2017 year in review recap video, primarily from the Refugio County, TX relief effort immediately after Hurricane Harvey. Additionally, photos were taken of the team’s relief effort.

EF-3 Tornado – Alto, TX

Ethos Media assisted with the filming of the video testimonials from survivors of the tornado that struck Alto, TX. An additional testimonial can be found here.

EF-3 Tornado – Onalaska, TX

Ethos Media assisted with the filming of the video testimonials from survivors of the tornado that struck Onalaska, TX. An additional testimonial can be found here.

About Minuteman Disaster Response

Non Profit Video Production ServicesEthos Media’s non profit video production services have included volunteering for the Minuteman Disaster Response for years, first starting with the recovery effort of Hurricane Harvey. That hurricane devastated Houston, TX and the surrounding counties and compelled The Minuteman into action with debris cleanup, fallen tree removal, and other relief services.

The team, composed mostly of volunteers that are routinely trained for the services they provide, can also assist with search and rescue efforts, storm monitoring, and heavy equipment operation. The Minuteman have responded to natural disasters in Dallas, TX, Beaumont, TX, Sand Springs, OK, Monroe, LA, and others all within the last few years.

Our Involvement with The Minuteman Disaster Response

Non Profit Video Production ServicesOur team has been on and off involved with filming on-location and on occasion, providing video editing services since 2017. Additionally we have provided photography services both with their events but also their most recent team headshots. The most recent productions listed above showcase our filming services, primarily of the video testimonials, but also some on-location footage in the 2017 year in review video.

In addition, The Minuteman Disaster Response hosts an annual gala of which we have been proud to provide candid event photography services to. Links to their albums can be found on their Facebook Page here and here.

Join the Effort!

Consider either volunteering or contributing financially to the Minuteman effort. This organization aims to be as self-sufficient as possible when entering a community in need of help. They provide their own sleeping quarters, tools, safety gear, and other necessary resources to complete their tasks. To do this however requires an on-going financial contribution from donors around the country and routine training to ensure the job is done correctly, safely, and in compliance with existing regulation.

Non-Profit Video Production Services – Getting Started

The first step in our non profit video production services is determining what it is you want to accomplish at the end of the day with your video(s). Is it to raise money? Is it to simply help build awareness? Perhaps are you looking to highlight a particular event or activity? After the vision is defined, then we can get into the nuances of how many videos we should produce from a recording session, who to get involved, filming logistics, creative elements like background music or animation sequences, and most importantly determining the script or dialogue we use.

Our team has years of experience working with various charity organizations, even before Ethos Media. We’ll help translate your message into effective video content subject to schedule, budget, and availability of the appropriate people. During the estimate phase, we’ll ask you about some of these things so we at least have a general idea of what to expect in production logistics.

Filming logistics involve the following:

  • Scheduling the people or event to be on-camera.
  • Determining where to film. Generally speaking, the location of the non-profit is more than sufficient unless there is excessive noise from normal operation.
  • Preparing crew with necessary attire, credentials, parking locations, etc. as appropriate.
  • Determining what we are filming. Candid action? On-site interviews?
  • How long we will need to be on site including preparation time.

Editing can be a collaborative process if the client wants to have access to raw footage to determine the best soundbites to pull from a sequence of interview content. While our team is capable of making content selections ourselves, ultimately no one knows your organization better than the client themselves. We’ll also be putting into place creative elements such as on-screen text, background music (always royalty-free), and submitting an initial draft for review which will always have at least one editing revision provided for free. It is normal for any type of corporate or event video to go through at least one round of minor revisions.

We’ll let you know ahead of time what the expected turnaround on delivery is and can work with rush orders upon request.

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