Ethos Media Joins Folding @ Home

Ethos Media has joined the Folding @ Home effort, using our primary video editing computer to help complete rendering processes necessary to simulate protein folding models that help scientists around the world understand how infectious diseases work. Ultimately, this type of effort will lead to treatments and cures for diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, and of course, the disease that is top on everyone’s mind, COVID-19.

The effort is now spearheaded by Washington University in the St. Louis School of Medicine and has seen a recent surge of other individuals and companies donating CPU and GPU power due to COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands have joined the effort, and we encourage anyone with an idle computer to join us in helping to advance medical research.

The reason why a distributed computer network like this is necessary is because the processes needed to understand how proteins work would take a single supercomputer many hundreds of years to process by itself. With people around the world sharing the load, research can advance considerably faster.

Visit the Folding @ Home website and also consider donating monetarily to the cause as well.

How You Can Get Involved

Joining the effort as a “citizen scientist” is easy, free, and uses simple software that can function on any computer and any operating system. Our line of work requires us to have more powerful computers, so if you are able to utilize a computer with more horsepower, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more. Watch the video and visit the Folding @ Home website for the latest news and for answers to many questions you might have about the process.