Dallas Fort Worth Headshot Photography

Our Dallas Fort Worth headshot photography service is cost-effective for groups of 10 or more people making it perfect for small to mid-size companies, at events, and set up at other corporate gatherings. Unfortunately, we do not provide sessions for individuals. We can provide a variety of backdrops including custom-designed digital backdrops created from utilizing the green screen process. We also can provide professional makeup services for quick touch-ups both to the hair and face for men and women. Like our event photography, all photos can be provided in both print and web resolution. Check out blog post to learn more about why this is important.

Typical deliverables provide at two to three unique photos to each person with different poses and facial appearances designed to give flexibility in how people are presented online. We’re happy to fulfill any custom requests in poses or with use of props. In some cases, a “toothy” smile may be appropriate where as in others, a more relaxed look may work better. Photos are typically labeled and delivered via Dropbox for private access that does not require a sign-in or account creation for download. Typical turnaround on retouched photos is inside of a week, depending on the size of the group.

  • $1,050.00 – 4-hour session in D/FW location. Group size of up to 30 individuals with up to three unique headshots provided in print and web resolution.
  • +$100.00 – Each additional 10 people.
  • +$250.00 – Custom digital backdrop through green screen replacement + optional photo watermarking (branding).
  • +$500.00 (price may vary) – Professional makeup and hair touch-up services.

Why Choose Us

Dallas Fort Worth Headshot Photography

We’ll bring our setup to you! The convenience of a professional headshot setup brought to your location cannot be overstated. For shooting locations within the Dallas or Fort Worth area, there are no additional fees for travel. We only require access to power, a standard 12×12′ space for backdrop and equipment setup, and an additional space for a 6×6′ makeup table, if services are requested. Our photographers will go over planned poses with you in advance to ensure your goals are met. Photos can be cropped in any number of ways including the standard 1×1, square ratio, which is ideal when used on social media profiles that further put a circular crop on the image.