Frisco Video Production CompanyWe love working in Frisco, TX and have had the opportunity to serve clients such as Insight for Living Ministries, Bright Cactus, Vidzactly, and others. We are proud to call ourselves a Frisco video production company as we serve clients in the greater DFW area as well. Ethos Media’s video production process is from concept development through final editing, and we expanded our services in the last few years to include live streaming, virtual tours and videos, as well as both headshot and event photography.

What Else About Video Production in Frisco, TX?

Popular outdoor filming locations include public parks such as the Texas Sculpture Garden, Frisco Central Park, and Frisco Commons. You’ll frequently see portrait photographers at these locations as well. There are also additional studios or rentable office locations such as Unify Network, Regus locations, and VentureX as well.

Frisco has had a huge influx of both big and small businesses over the last decade, including the notable Dallas Cowboys practice stadium, otherwise known as “The Star“. If you’re interested in showing off a facility you’ve recently established in Frisco, hire us to produce an interactive virtual tour that gives your viewers the following benefits:

  1. Ability to both look in any direction and walk on guided paths of their choosing just like in Google Street View
  2. Ability to click on hotspots that can display information, contain links to your website, showcase photo or videos, and more!
  3. Directly interact with calls-to-action, such as a phone number that will dial with one click from their phones.

Get to Know Us!

Filmed in Frisco, TX

Filmed at the studio Unify Network located near the FC Dallas Soccer Stadium, we produced a crowdfunding video campaign for the Atense Computer Vaccinne that spanned this video, a short animated explainer video, and several testimonials from industry professionals.

Stonebriar Community Church

For over a two-year period, we carried out the filming of Stonebriar Community Church Sunday morning services including their special holiday services and theatrical programs. We also assisted in the purchasing process of their current live streaming equipment and helped trained their volunteer camera operators.

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