Top Six Best Ways to Get a ROI from Event Photos

Over the course of shooting many events, we’ve seen ways that our clients have utilized photos and wanted to pass on this advice to help everyone see the value in hiring one or several of our professional event photographers. The following is the top six best ways to get an ROI from event photos we take while on site at your event.

Don’t settle for phone pictures. We guarantee that even if you perceive similar image quality to professional photos, you won’t have the benefit of the photographer’s eye in capturing the perfect moments and expressions. Check out our gallery of professional event photos on our event photography page and contact us for great rates on both photographers and retouching of your photos.

What to Know About Headshot PhotographyHeadshot Photography

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Headshots are cornerstones of social media profiles, “About Us” pages of company websites, and professional resumes. If you host an event, really of any kind, our portrait photographers can be brought out to get everyone a great looking headshot while attending the event. We don’t require very much space and have minimal power requirements. Let us know if you also want to book headshot photography along with professional makeup services.

Top Six Best Ways to Get a ROI from Event PhotosAward Commemoration

Often times events are an optimal time to present awards for quarterly or annual accomplishments, lifetime achievements, and they also demonstrate what your company prioritizes and values. These type of photos are obviously special both to the person giving and receiving them directly, but they can also be used to broadcast to the world what kind of corporate culture your company has. For example, if your company values its public service to the community, award photos can demonstrate who your top achievers are in that area, likely being someone the community will recognize and associate positively with your company.

Event Photography - Top Six Best Uses of PhotosMarketing Important People

If you get photos taken of your VIPs, they will say a lot about the prowess, corporate culture, and values of your company. Sometimes celebrities or well-known figures cost a lot of money to bring to your event, so professional photos are a way to maximize on your ROI. We ensure that many photos are taken of these people when publicly speaking as often only a handful will make our cut due to a variety of reasons. Publishing them will certainly help you market the next event of a similar nature as they will subconsciously set high expectations for equal or better presentations by people of similar stature.

Charity Event PhotographyElimination of “Stock” Photos

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with using stock photos or videos in marketing materials, you obviously run the risk of a viewer having seen it before somewhere else and thinking less of your company as a result. Stock photos can set the wrong impression of your company too if the personnel, look of your physical location, and capabilities don’t match what’s demonstrated in a series of stock photos. Our event photography ensures you have a variety of shots that can be re-purposed in both your marketing materials and online that’s unique to your organization. Uniqueness is key. Event photos we deliver will always be in both print and web resolution to ensure you have maximum flexibility in using them.

Top Six Best Ways to Get a ROI from Event PhotosPrint and Online Marketing Materials

We hit on this in our discussion of stock photos above and wanted to further emphasize that event photos can be re-purposed in a variety of designs both on your online sites and print materials. Even though our event photography team has shot many events and has had experience in other types of photography, we will always inquire about any specific shots you may need. This is because there may be unique aspects of your event that we may not be aware are as important as other activities. Plan on what type of content you need in your marketing materials and have us shoot it for you during your event whether it’s products, client interaction, or branding/signage you have on site.

Direct Sales of Photos

Hosting an event can be expensive. Of course, there’s also the expense of bringing a professional photographer to cover your event as well. Offset some or all of those costs by selling photos or the print versions of photos, depending on how you structure your event. If you want to have a portrait station, people will gladly pay for professional photos of themselves dressed in formal attire. As in the case of this photo, you may have models, mascots, or other costumed people unique to the event that attendees may want a picture with. Whatever the case may be, photos can produce a direct and on-site ROI. Talk us to about your needs in this regard and we’ll handle the logistics of fulfilling your orders.