Effective Use of Vlogs in Advertising

Effective Use of Vlogs in AdvertisingEffective use of vlogs in advertising starts with content. Our client profile today features Insurance Technologies Corporation or ITC. Featuring a unique set of digital tools ranging from comparative rater software to custom website builders, ITC’s goals include driving traffic to their clients’ websites, helping them convert that traffic into leads, and offering them general advice on running a successful insurance agency pulling from a combined decades of experience.

For several years, ITC has contacted us to produce a series of vlogs that share helpful information to their custom base on topics ranging from SEO strategy, email marketing, general management, and website content strategy. A “vlog” is simply short for “video blog”. Blogging itself is an essential component of any website looking to build and retain consistent traffic. Blogs are usually the part of a website that is updated the most frequently and provides additional opportunities for customers to find a site from different search terms and phrases.

Effective Use of Vlogs in AdvertisingHow we handled the production of the vlogs was a processed that evolved over time, culminating with the most recent productions that featured dual cameras, one of which was on a camera-slider that provided a moving shot to use as a periodic cutaway. The goal has always been to utilize a natural backdrop (i.e. not green screen) that subconsciously put viewers at ease. This has lead us to hotels, restaurants, and clubhouses over time. In the most recent round of vlogs, we produced caption files for each video in an SRT format that is compatible with virtually every online platform include YouTube and social media outlets. Aside from giving hearing-impaired viewers the chance to interact with the video, captions are also useful for a variety of reasons, most of which we outlined in this blog post.

Animated intros always make for a great start as they usually are crafted in such a way to be eye-catching and entertaining to watch. It’s common for viewers of any online video to click away within a matter of 15-30 seconds, so doing something that “hooks” them in during that time. An equally effective alternative to starting a video off with an animated intro is to provide a teaser that more or less summarizes what the video is about. When providing that teaser, the video communicates what value it has to the viewer, at which point they are either intrigued to learn more…or not. This was the approach that has been taken by ITC as their clientele is more B2B rather than consumers.

ITC Vlog Examples

In the process of filming vlogs like this, we’ve noticed how applicable the advice they give to their insurance agency clients is to virtually any other business. This video about online reputation is no exception. Offering practical advice on why online reputation is important, how to get good reviews, and what to do in the event of a negative review, this vlog’s central message can be key to motivating potential customers to move from scoping out a business to the point of sale.

Once again, advice in this vlog is applicable to any business. Overcoming objections to a sale is something everything salesman will have to deal with at some point. The vlog goes into brief detail about qualifying prospects, selling on the value of the product, and understanding that there are no real objections to a sale, only questions.

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