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Dallas video production companyA critical part of any well-rounded marketing toolbox is video with the ever-expanding ways for viewers to access video content. Especially if you advertise on social media, studies indicate that over 4 billion videos are played back each day on Facebook alone! Leveraging video effectively is part content-crafting and part effective production. So the question becomes, how we can help you?

As a Dallas video production company, our services are turnkey ranging from video conceptualization, script writing, hiring from our network of on-camera professionals, and filming and editing of the video using industry-grade equipment and software. Many of our clients have never produced a video before, or it’s been a while for them. We bring design elements to the attention of our clients that can benefit their productions that they may never have considered and explain the cost-benefit analysis of each. In some cases, the add-ons to videos may just be a simple process during editing that costs nothing extra at all. Our goal with pricing is to provide a baseline estimate and then optional elements for consideration, depending on their vision for the end-product. We can not only produce video content for you but also bundle photography and virtual reality media services as either stand-alone projects or as enhancements to your promotional efforts.

Concerned about pricing? Check out our pricing page for more information on cost-controls we provide and education on the benefits of certain design elements.

Behind the Scenes

About Our Process

Click through the toggles below to learn about a variety of aspects pertaining to our filming process and how they add value to your video productions.

For many shoots, crew sizes are kept relatively small. This primarily helps save clients on costs but is also a product of the quality of people we employ, those being professionals that can multi-task. Our primary cameras consist of mirrorless Sony cameras, all manufactured within the last 2-5 years, that are capable of high dynamic range filming, 4K resolution, and just plain look great!. For other types of productions, we employ a series of Panasonic professional camcorders that have extended zoom ranges, servo zoom, and other features enabling them to function better in certain scenarios.

We employ professional LED lighting, high quality audio recording, and can rig our cameras up on a number of devices that enable them to be moved in smooth, cinematic ways. We believe a video needs to be visually entertaining through a variety of moving shots in order to be engaging.

Our first choice for where to film is always going to be a client’s location, when possible. This saves the client time, travel, and often makes it convenient when dressing a backdrop with appropriate visuals. When an external location is needed, we utilize a variety of filming locations including green or white screen studios, PeerSpace locations, or outdoor locations all available for minimal extra cost.

We frequently use various creative elements in our post production process including royalty-free music sourced from various sites, animated logo reveals, custom-created still graphics and lower thirds, and have partnered with Austin Visuals for the production of advanced custom 2D and 3D animation.

Each video we produced is assumed to go through at least one round of minor revisions to ensure content comes together as intended. We often provide for two revisions for no additional charge in our estimates.

Fast turnaround on edited content can often be achieved, especially with our live-editing Tricaster system. Contact us for more details on that.

How to Make Videos Effective

dallas video productom companyThe question often asked when contacting a Dallas video production company is how to make the video effective and produce an ROI. The process should actually begin BEFORE you contact us. What we mean is that an understanding of how your current and potential customers find out about you must be obtained. Do they browse Google, social media, or blogs? What are their demographics and are there any common characteristics associated with them? Are they excited by more bells and whistles or would they prefer a more straight-forward approach when being informed about a product or service?

If you come prepared with this information, we can begin to conceptualize your video accordingly and let that filter down into the decisions we make from visuals we film to the creative elements we use in post. If you’re lacking a fundamental understanding of your target market, it’s best to start acquiring the information from your existing customers about how they found you, what was important to them when choosing you, etc. This will help build on your existing marketing, rather than detracting from it or confusing your target market.

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From Our Clients

I’ve worked with Ethos media for a few years now for an annual corporate video shoot. They help scout locations in our price range and coordinate with the venue, which is a big help. The shoot team is always professional, friendly and easy to work with. Ethos handles everything from the teleprompter to editing and producing the videos. They’re responsive when we want to make changes. It’s a no-brainer to use Ethos every year because they do such a great job every time. One less thing to worry about!

-Emily Nguyen, Insurance Technologies Corporation

Nothing but praise for Devin and the team at Ethos Media. We presented them with a challenging request – helping us record and edit a few software training videos on tight budget and tighter deadline. Ethos completely surpassed our expectations, providing us with a cost-friendly proposal and an aggressive timeline for production and revisions. We ended up with some really excellent videos that made a fantastic positive impression on our clients, and we are very much looking forward to working with Ethos Media on future initiatives. Definitely give them a call!

-Matt Walker, Vinli

If you have video needs within your organization, but don’t quite have the resources and time to do it – I encourage you to use Ethos Media. They are detailed oriented folks, who are uber talented with video cameras and editing! We have completed our second big project with them and they have been able to recreate our vision into video! I really appreciate the collaboration we have on each of our projects and genuinely nice people to do business with.

-Cecelia Jones, Little Elm ISD