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This client profile blog post outlines our Dallas video podcast recording service provided to the Mike Drop Podcast hosted on YouTube and promoted through various websites by the host. Host Mike Ritland is a former Navy SEAL, author, professional service dog trainer, and public speaker. On the Mike Drop Podcast, he interviews a wide range of service members to share stories of military service as well as hosting other professionals in various industries. Averaging over 20K views per episodes, Ethos Media was brought in for episodes 48-53 to convert his single camera broadcast into a multi-camera production complete with the addition of sponsor graphics, lower thirds, and a brand new animated intro and outro sequence.

Additionally, we also produced audio versions of each podcast episode that were uploaded to various platforms including Blubrry and Soundcloud.

Featured Episode

Mike Glover is a former Green Beret and the owner of Fieldcraft Survival. This episode, along with the others we produced, was live-edited with our Tricaster system meaning that turnaround on an over 3-hour episode was considerably faster than through traditional video editing means. We also help craft the YouTube description to provide viewers a “table of contents” to enable them to jump from topic to topic within the video.

Considerations for Podcast Video Recording

Video is a tool, and like any tool it can be used to great or little/no effect. If you don’t have a plan to obtain a ROI on video, it may not be worth the investment. Consult with our team on ways to optimize your YouTube channel, track your metrics, and properly promote your video content on various online platforms including websites and social media.

If you’ve decided video would add to your bottom line, the next decision is what kind of production setup you want to have. Single-camera is always an option but multi-camera can definitely give you an edge over competing content and help with viewer retention. Consulting with our team on this aspect of your production will provide you with several options at different budget levels.

Content is king in virtually every video out there. It’s why cellphone videos can go viral and professional productions can flop. People care as much or, in some cases, more about your video’s content than the production value. Our team can consult with you on a creative level on ways to boost your show’s appeal and add content to it unique to the video platform. Using our Tricaster system, pre-recorded video material and graphics can be added to live-edited or live streamed episode.

If you add video to your podcast, why not live stream it? Live streaming, when properly promoted in advance, can draw a substantial audience by virtue of it being live and opening up the possibility for audience interaction, if your show format allows for that. Live streaming is an affordable solution, especially when purchased in bulk for a series of episodes with us. Contact us for more details about simultaneous broadcasts to YouTube and social media platforms.

A video-recorded podcast episode, done properly, has a set established at the recording location in addition to lighting and cameras. While we’re capable of providing these things on a recurring basis, long-term plans for video may facilitate a purchase by the client of some equipment to live at the recording site in order to save on costs. Our team will consult with you on these things, depending on the available budget and projections for maintaining video-recorded episodes.

The hosting platform of videos matters, and we recommend using YouTube, which is owned by Google. Being Google-listed in organic search results is an effective way to advertise content in any industry. Even if you don’t use YouTube to broadcast your content on a website or social media profile, still having the videos present on the platform with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions can land that content on organic search results for people who don’t already know that your content exists. Video podcasts should be accompanied with plenty of links both to show-relevant content, sponsor links, and other content viewers can take immediate advantage of.

From Our Client

As the host of the Mike Drop podcast, Devin and Ethos media did a phenomenal job recording and producing my show. They took the production value to the next level, were consummate professionals, and I highly recommend them.

-Mike Ritland, Host of The Mike Drop Podcast

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