Dallas Podcast Recording

Dallas Podcast Recording

Looking to launch your new podcast to the internet? Let us help you not only audio record it but make your Dallas podcast recording into video as well. Video can help you reach a wider audience by expanding your platform base and adding a visual element to help connect to your audience. Additionally, video provides an avenue to get organically listed on search engines. Our services can not only include the recording and editing of your material but also consultation on content, publishing strategies, and the other ways to market your content to your target audience. Our 10+ year experience in professional video production will help ensure your content has a professional look and sound.

Should You Launch a Podcast?

Successful podcasting begins with an understanding of how your target market consumes content. Podcasts are typically long-form content, basically something that’s not consumed in a matter of seconds or few short minutes like a commercial is. If you’ve reached the conclusion that long-form content like a podcast will be effective, expanding your reach through both audio AND video is essential. If you’re not prepared to do both, your podcast’s reach will be severely limited.

Furthermore, you should develop a plan to market your content through SEO, press releases, paid advertising, social media, and more…all of which we can help you with through our partnership with Bullpen Marketing. Podcasts released without some sort of marketing plan will have difficulty taking off in a timely manner or potentially at all.

We believe it is absolutely essential to have an engaging host(s), as the human element of a successful podcast simply cannot be overstated. Anyone can present your content, but an engaging host will provide the hook needed to both attract and retain an audience.

In closing, a successful podcast will have content that is highly nuanced, many implications or applications in its industry, or plays into aspects of political, social, or economic matters applicable to the general public.

Podcast Sample 1

Launching in 2023, the Homeless In America Podcast tackles the issue of homelessness, how best to help your community, and shares stories from all sides of the topic. Ethos Media has recorded the entire first season of this podcast in both video and audio format, all in one recording day. We’re working with Metro Relief on website creation, social media promotion, and more, in addition to the video recording services.

Podcast Sample 2

Using our Sony camera system, we recorded an episode of Metro Icon‘s podcast in McKinney, TX. Hosted by Shawn Kay “The Showman”, this episode dives into the world of locally-based touring comedians.

Podcast Sample 3

Sample podcast content showcasing the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro models with a multi-camera edit. Our standard setup includes three cameras which can be live edited and even live streamed upon request. The location for the filming was Maker’s Gym in Frisco, TX.

Blackmagic Camera System Operator in Dallas Fort Worth Why Is Video and Multi-Camera Important?

Video podcasting will simply expand the number of platforms by which your podcast is accessible. Platforms like YouTube can make your content Google-searchable thereby increasing the chances of expanding your audience through organic means. The added visual element through visual will furthermore make your content more likely to be seen on social media platforms. So if you’ve determined that video needs to be a thing, you want to make sure it looks good right from the first impression. This is where our multi-camera system comes into play. The changing shot, professional lighting, and live-editing system will give you great looking results with fast turnaround. Yes, it is actually possible to get some good, affordable, and fast. Contact us for details!

Dallas Podcast RecordingHow We Can Help

Aside from the actual production and editing of your podcast content, we can help by pairing you up with a producer that will first seek to understand the nuances of your subject material. The producer can recommend particular content release strategies, help draft reusable dialogue like for your intro and outro, facilitate the production of complementary media like a behind-the-scenes video, and also demonstrate SEO strategy like what we employ on our site. Once your content is published, we’ll help promote it on our own website and social media channels to help spread the word!

Equipment We Use

The “podcast look” typically involves use of podcasting mics of which we can provide on adjustable mounts. These type of large diaphragm mics by far have the best sound quality and background noise rejection. Fed into a system that lets you hear everyone on headphones, podcasters will have the quality experience they expect. There are alternative types of podcast setups that can be explored upon request. Contact us today for more information.

As for video, our go-to setup brings in the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pros which provide a host of features to the operators both on the cameras and at the control station. The image quality of Blackmagic Design is fantastic, and these cameras can easily integrate with an ATEM live switcher to both live-edit and live stream your content. If the situation calls for it or if requested, our Sony cinema cameras are up for the task as well. You can see the FX6 and FX3 combo in the “Metro Icon – Do It All” Podcast Sample 2 linked above.

Dallas Podcast RecordingPost Production Marketing

If you get your podcast made by us, the next question invariably is how to get viewers and listeners. We can help with that! We’ll help you produce not only the full episodes but soundbite versions that perform better on distraction-heavy platforms like social media. We can also ensure audio versions get on major streaming platforms like SoundCloud and iTunes. If you’re building out a website or social media platform, we’ll take behind-the-scenes shots for added visual content and help ensure all of your postings of the video and audio content as sufficiently tagged and described with the Google search user in mind. Partnering with Bullpen Marketing, we can take promotion of your material to the next level beyond any of this. Contact us for more information!

Production Cost Considerations

The most cost-efficient way to record your content is to do as much of it as possible all in one production day, which is typically up to 10-hours max accounting for setup time. The fewer times that equipment has to be set up and taken down, the lower your costs. With this in mind, we recommend our clients take as much time as needed to find a day where they can maximize the number of guests they have available or make whatever other arrangements are necessary.

It’s important to note that the recommended size of a recording location, if doing simultaneous video recording along with audio, is at least 20′ x 20′. While recordings “can” be done in smaller spaces, it can potential limit available recording angles and perspectives that can be achieved while also making it cramped for large groups of people being interviewed.

A studio location is likely to run $75-$125 / hour on average, so this should be factored into your costs, depending on how long of a day is needed. Setup is generally 1-2 hours on average which would leave at least 8 available for content recording. Our Dallas podcast recording services can be set up anywhere in the D/FW area.

Any professional podcast is going to have some set design in the recording studio, and this can be achieved by a professional through us, upon request. Costs can vary widely based on the extent of the set design, any pre-existing set pieces that can be repurposed, and whether or not anything needs to be custom-fabricated. If custom-fabricating set pieces, you should plan for weeks or possibly months of downtime before those become available, depending on the extent of the work and materials being sourced.

Need us to create a custom logo or other graphics for your show? We can not only create your logo but use it in a pre-existing or custom-created animation to add professional flair to the video version of your podcast. Graphics can also be used for lower thirds or to call attention to certain key takeaways. We can also insert pre-existing photos or footage as visual aids to what’s being discussed. How about music? Royalty-free and custom music composition are both options for an intro and outro theme, so let us know if you need any creative elements added in post production.

Not everyone can physically be in studio, so we can absolutely set up a live conference call and record the conversation as well. An internet connection at your choice of venue is obviously required, so let us know if this is something you’ll need for an episode recording.

If your podcast is literally brand new, it’s generally a good idea to record a short introduction video so that viewers can get to know the host(s) briefly and find out what kind of content the podcast discusses on a routine basis. This video can be entirely scripted, with dialogue fed back via teleprompter, and be a cornerstone of any website, YouTube channel, or social media page for the podcast.

A soundbite video from a full episode of a podcast is simply a snippet or combination of snippets strung together into a video that’s generally only 30-seconds to a few minutes long. The purpose of this is to highlight and important message while pointing viewers where to go for the full episode and ideally where to find additional content. Production of these videos is usually at a very affordable rate when purchased along with the recording of the full episode content.

Make sure you talk to us about ideas and direct assistance with marketing your podcast so that viewers and listeners come in. The key is to make your content searchable by people who don’t already know your podcast exists, those being your friends, family, and acquittances. We want our clients to succeed with their content!

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