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Want a Music Video? Read This First.

dallas music video productionMusic videos are for serious artists only. Simply put, they are a great promotional tool but can be an expensive investment depending on the production value that goes into them. Aside from Baby Shark, some of THE MOST WATCHED VIDEOS on YouTube are music videos. To be effective, these videos require a promotion plan. You should also give some thought to the creative side and specifically the potential filming locations, types of shots you want, storyline concept (if any), and use of people outside of your band as actors, dancers, or other extras. Still with us at this point?  Contact us directly today to get started on the next step.

Dallas Music Video Production

This type of music video is for serious artists only and combines performance and story footage as well as a more sophisticated edit.  It can also potentially utilize effects both during filming and editing and will involve a creative director specifically focused on creating a unique concept for the video. Among the ways we can create Production value  in your video include, but is not limited to:

  • Stylized or robotic lighting setups
  • Use of multiple locations and set design
  • Costuming and makeup application
  • Advanced editing effects and animation
  • Use of cinema cameras for filming
  • Use of hired talent such as actors, dancers, or background extras

The baseline estimate for this type of video starts at $5,000 for filming and editing services and can increase from there depending on utilization of certain creative elements. If you do not have at least this much available in your budget, please consider our alternatives to a full-fledged music video. 

On A Budget? How About These Alternatives?

If you’re wanting promotional video content but are on a budget, we still want to work with you. Consider these affordable alternatives to a full-scale music video:

Description: We’ll professionally light you and record either live audio with a single, stationary camera or sync up your studio-recorded track to a lip-sync. You can even get multiple videos produced, all in one production run this way. If your music is good, these videos can get you attention online!

Price: $1,500 for up to a six-hour session. Includes post-production to optimize footage and sync any studio-version of your music.

Description: Want to try something that gives your fans a unique viewing experience every time they watch your video? Consider filming a performance in 360 video. Your band surrounds the camera and plays through the song. That’s it! Fans will be able to spin the camera around while watching to choose whom to see during any part of the song.

Price: $850. We do not do live audio for this type of video. Bands must have a studio-recorded track of the song they perform.

Description: Consider having us record a live show in front of an audience. Visit our Concert Recording page for more details.

Price: Average pricing between $1,000 – $2,000. This assumes venue-recorded audio. Custom multi-track audio available for additional fee.

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