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Dallas Music Video Production

Better Get Better – Trent Rush

I Know There’s Angels – Donna Morgan

I’ll Draw the Line – Jason Wayne Hobbs

Want a Music Video? Read This First.

dallas music video productionMusic videos are, in our professional opinion, for serious artists and bands only. Simply put, they are a great promotional tool but can be an expensive investment depending on the production value that goes into them. Some of THE MOST WATCHED VIDEOS on YouTube are music videos. If you have decided to make a music video, it is vital that you have a plan to publish the content and promote it. You should also give some thought to the creative side and specifically the potential filming locations, types of shots you want, storyline concept (if any), and use of people outside of your band as actors, dancers, or other extras.   Contact us directly today to get started!

Premier-Level Music Videos

This type of music video is for serious artists only and combines performance and story footage as well as a more sophisticated edit.  It can also potentially utilize effects both during filming and editing and will involve a creative director specifically focused on creating a unique concept for the video. Among the ways we can create Production value  in your video include, but is not limited to:

  • Stylized or robotic lighting setups
  • Use of multiple locations and set design
  • Costuming and makeup application
  • Advanced editing effects and animation
  • Use of cinema cameras for filming
  • Use of hired talent such as actors, dancers, or background extras

The baseline estimate for this type of video starts at $5,000 for filming and editing services and can increase from there depending on utilization of certain creative elements.

Check out our Director’s Corner on this page to learn more about story content versus performance shots and ways to save money on music videos.

On A Budget? Discount Pricing Now Available!

If our Premier-Level music video is out of your budget, there are more affordable options that artists and bands can consider to get their hit song on the internet. Through the remainder of 2021, we’ve discounted our prices on these three production types.

General Description: This production type is great for a solo artist or small band that is just looking to get some introductory music video content out there for the public. It’s affordable and consists of artistically-shot performance footage with professional lighting. A single location is used throughout, which can be indoors or outdoors. The artist is responsible for choosing the location for filming and handling any fees that may be associated.

Editing: A stylized color grade will be applied to footage, shot from multiple cameras. Turnaround on initial draft is two weeks. Single revision to initial draft provided at no additional charge.

Pricing: Average price ranges from $650 – $1,000 depending on size of band/group. Pricing does not include location rental, if such a fee is assessed by a property owner.

General Description: Want to try something that gives your fans a unique viewing experience every time they watch your video? Consider filming a performance in 360 video. Your band surrounds the camera and plays through the song. That’s it! Fans will be able to spin the camera around while watching to choose whom to see during any part of the song. The filming location must be provided by the artist.

Editing: Bands will have two complete sessions of the song to choose from when determining which to publish. The turnaround is expected to be less than one week. 360 videos are fully compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and most social media platforms.

Pricing: $650 for a 360 video output in 4K resolution. Pricing does not include a location fee, if such a fee is assessed by the property owner.

General Description: An upgrade to our Level One music video which can involve enhancements such as multiple locations, additional story-based footage, and an enhanced edit. Filming can be completed 1.5 days to account for additional time needed at multiple locations.

Editing: Two weeks are required for an initial draft with up to two revisions to the initial edit provided at no additional cost.

Pricing: $2,000 not including any external fees for location usage, third-party talent, or other external creative elements.

Affordable Alternatives to a Music Video

If you and your group are on a budget but want to break into video, a concert recording by Ethos Media is a great and considerably more affordable alternative. We can record entire concerts and turn them into individual song videos for promotion, create an entire concert video to sell as merchandise, or produce a highlight video for the group to submit to venues in order to book more gigs. Each video can have branding labels, can link to other videos within YouTube, and provide a way for artists to refresh their social media with new and engaging content for a considerably longer period of time compared to a single music video. Contact a producer to learn more about these options as well as live streaming for as low as $600 for a 2-hour concert. Live streams can also have immediate returns on investment by encouraging virtual audience participation. Ask us for details on strategies on that!

From Our Clients

I have completed two Gospel Music Videos with Ethos. They always come prepared and with lastest art equipment. Their editing style and scene seques made the videos very high end and unlike other gospel videos. The videos are very High Def and are currently being considered for cable and network airing. Ethos delivered the video takes quickly after filming and consulted me with all changes and considerations for scenes that worked well with the music flow. Music and scenes all worked together so well and resulted in a beautiful product that I have for years and years and proud to have them shown. People in the gospel business ask me who did my videos because they are so professional! And I say Ethos Media! They are the ones to reach out to to make you look great!

Donna Morgan - www.donnamorgan-gospel.com
Working with Ethos was a total pleasure. Absolutely and completely professional on all levels. Devin’s direction during our shoot was a perfect mix of firm and controlled. He allowed us to do our thing and create art the way we needed to but gave us great instructions and directions in order to achieve what we were looking for. An all around fantastic experience.
Trent Rush - https://www.reverbnation.com/trentrushmusic

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