Dallas Live Streaming Company

Dallas Live Streaming Company

Dallas Live Streaming CompanyEthos Media is a Dallas live streaming company serving clients across the country. Before you consider streaming, it is vital you have an existing marketing platform that can be used to promote your live stream in advance. If you don’t have a way to advertise a live stream, simply put, don’t do it. It won’t be worth the expense of your time or money.

We want to see our clients be successful, which is why we’ll ask you about your choice of stream hosting platforms, ways to engage your audience during the broadcast, how you can use on-screen graphics for calls-to-action, and other elements to ensure you maximize your viewership and therefore your ROI.

In your stream, we can incorporate on-screen graphics, pre-recorded media, multiple cameras, virtual callers with two-way communication, and assist you with other ways to elevate your stream to broadcast-quality. Our team has worked on corporate broadcasts, live sports, concerts, seminars, news desks and more. You’re in the right place for live streaming anywhere out of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Check out additional insight in live streaming logistics here!

Best Live Streaming Advice

Dallas Live Streaming Company

Our advice: Promote your live broadcast well in advance. Even the Avengers: End Game movie, which needed no promotion, stillĀ  ran trailers and other forms of advertising. Don’t think you can have a successful live stream without promotion. Watch this video for more insight into live streaming.

Learn more about event videography at the following link by clicking here.

Please note that part of the process for live streaming may involve setup and equipment testing the day before your event. It is important that adequate time be allotted with the venue accordingly.

Streaming with Ethos Media

We’ll ask you about several things during the planning process of your live broadcast, but most importantly the event logistics. We need to know where your venue is, what AV and internet arrangements it has, if any, the timeframe of the broadcast, the nature of your content, and hosting platform. All of these things can play significantly into an estimate, expanding it in some areas and potentially reducing it in others where additional equipment and personnel on our end may not be necessary.

Here are some other brief insights into working with us you should know.

Resolution doesn’t matter as much as bit rate, or the amount of data that’s generating your image. If you want high quality HD, you need a sufficiently high upload speed on your internet connection. In our experience that means 10Mbps or higher for 1080 to account for speed variability in any connection. If you have very fast upload, can we just go buck-wild with as much data as we can cram through the pipeline? No. Remember your viewing audience has to simultaneously download that data and may be on cellular or slower connections.

If we have to stream off a cellular connection because of a lack of hardline or sufficient WiFi connection, please understand that we can never make a 100% guarantee of an uninterrupted stream in that scenario. Sometimes cellular internet can work very well, but other times it can get interrupted. There is never a way to tell for sure ahead of time.

Lastly, if WiFi is the only available internet, it is advisable that it be made private from the in-person audience so as to not bog the pipeline down with phone or other device connections.

Should have you graphics in your stream? In most cases, yes. If you need help with graphics creation or optimization for a broadcast, let us know. Graphics can provide ways for viewers to get important information, follow up with your company, or just help enhance the visual experience making your broadcast all the more engaging.

A typical graphics package includes pre-roll (content shown before the official broadcast), lower thirds (to help identify people on screen), calls-to-action (so you increase your ROI), content-specific graphics (unique to your content), and post-show graphics, shown after the official broadcast ends.

If you’re not particularly tech savvy, hiring our team takes the hassle of equipment setup, teardown, and running of the broadcast off your shoulders. You can focus on your presentation and let us handle the rest.

Our team consists of experts that know how to do show production and come from backgrounds in live sports and other types of events. We’re able to think on our feet, adapt quickly to last-minute changes in your show, and recommend ways to enhance your broadcast according to your comfort level. Hiring Ethos Media is part professional equipment, but our real selling point comes from our people. Interested in obtaining resumes? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to our team.

1st-Time Live Streaming? Read Here.

In larger events, typically hosted in hotel ballrooms or other large venues, a separate event sound and lighting setup may be required. If this setup is already provided by your venue or a third-party vendor, we can typically interface with them to obtain the necessary sound and lighting requirements for your live stream broadcast.

If you are not already contracted with a provider for these things, additional fees may be required in order to secure the appropriate equipment and personnel. Our team will always inquire about these things in order to ensure we keep our estimate competitive will ensuring the broadcast has what it needs from a technical standpoint.

An Ethernet or hard-wire internet connection is always preferred in order to not only guarantee the best possible speed for live streaming, but it is also the most stable. In the absence of this connection, a Wi-Fi signal can be used, though it is important that this connection NOT be shared by many other devices in order to ensure connection stability. If there is no Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection available, a private cellular hotspot connection can be established as an absolute last resort, however it’s long-term stability cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of cellular internet. If you know your location lacks all typical forms of internet connection, please let us know in advance, so we can present you with multiple options on how to do hotspot internet.

Ethos Media CANNOT guarantee a 100% stable live stream broadcast without an Ethernet connection of sufficient upload speed (at least 10Mbps upload or higher for 1080 resolution).

The setup required for a single-camera broadcast can and often is considerably simpler and more affordable than a multi-camera setup, which requires different equipment and more personnel. What’s appropriate for your live streamed event depends on the expectations of your viewing audience based on your corporate image, the nature of the content, and your available budget. Once we’ve determined these things, we’ll present the best possible setup that gets the job done as well as the implications of downgrading or upgrading the production setup.

If your live stream has graphics, either custom-made for the broadcast or pulled from an existing PowerPoint presentation, that need to be included in the live stream, our equipment can handle that. This also includes pre-recorded videos as well. Everything can be played back in full screen, split screen, or picture-in-picture. Don’t neglect on-screen graphics as they can be essential to enhancing the viewing experience and communicating important information to viewing audience like a call-to-action. Be sure to communicate to our team what your graphics needs are!

Most hosting platforms will at least tell you how many people have watched at the end of your broadcast and give you live numbers during. More sophisticated platforms will give you more details such as how long they watched for, location (city) of the viewers, and other demographic information that they make publicly available. Let us know if you have the need to know specific information about the viewers of your live stream.

Be sure to think about what and how many platforms you want to broadcast to. In many cases, our production equipment can handle two simultaneously. If you require more hosting platforms than two, then a service such as Restream can be used for an additional fee which can greatly expand your reach. Whether or not this is appropriate to maximize your ROI is a discussion we can have with you during consultation.

Certain platforms have built-in paywalls where you can establish a paid ticket system that your viewers can utilize to create an immediate ROI on your broadcast. Depending on the hosting platform, they may have additional features such as password protection, unique viewing metrics, and custom branding options on a unique URL created for your broadcast. You can also broadcast natively from just about any online platform and then embed a stream into your own website with the copying of provided html code. This way, important information and/or call-to-action prompt can be visible and easily accessible right from the same page your viewing audience is accessing your stream from.

Live Streaming Demos

Dallas Live Streaming Company

We multi-camera live streamed a fashion show benefiting Union Gospel Mission in Dallas as the men and women they’ve helped were showcasing a variety of outfits available for purchase from their retail store. We integrated graphics, live sound, and a custom lighting scheme for this event which raised money for the charity throughout the evening.

Dallas Live Video Streaming CompanyEthos Media is thrilled to be a production partner for the U.S. Paralympic Team as we live streamed an official paralympic swimming competition in April of 2021 out of Lewisville, TX. The example above was the evening meet from Day 3 of 3 showcasing amazing athletes from over 20 different nations. We utilized a multi-camera shoot and incorporate live commentary and graphic overlays to create an engaging experience for over 50,000 viewers.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

Dallas Web Streaming ServicePoshFest 2018 was a great success for Poshmark and those not able to attend the event were able to watch live with closed captioning on Facebook through Ethos Media’s professional live streaming services. This two day event showcased panel discussions, messages from the CEO, and motivational speakers from within the company.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

Broadcasted to Twitter via Periscope, this press release by the attorney of Reality Winner announced the circumstances that lead to her current incarceration as well a petition submitted to the Department of Justice and President Trump to commute her remaining sentence.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

The Popcast Live uses Ethos Media to live stream their stage shows hosted in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Check out this highlight video combining footage from the live broadcast, as well as additional content our team captured while on-site before and during the event.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

We hosted an affordable and effective live stream of concert material to Facebook Live for the Metro Icon inaugural season out of Longhorn Icehouse in Dallas and produced additional promotional content and finalist profiles for the final broadcast. Here is an example of live performance content.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

Lyons and Simmons, attorneys for former Kansas head football coach, David Beaty, released a press conference outlining their legal victory on their client’s behalf which we broadcasted to Zoom.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

The 5th Annual Gospel Awards Ceremony was broadcasted live on a custom website with paywall for viewers everywhere. We hosted a 2+ hour show complete with pre-recorded media, multi-camera work, concerts, and speaking engagements.

Dallas Live Streaming Company

SC21, hosted out of St. Louis, MO, was a hybrid event that featured a live news desk interviewing industry experts we ran in addition to other content we produced including candid photos, spotlight interviews on the exhibit floor, and 360 content. This video is an example of the live broadcasted news desk.

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