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Our Dallas Fort Worth wedding videographer team has shot dozens of weddings and will take special care of yours. Our clients frequently tell us that their videos look like movies, because they effectively are in terms of their presentation and image quality. We can provide full recaps of all formal events, multiple videographers on site, drone coverage (additional fee and subject to location), and unique storytelling content featuring yourselves and your guests. We don’t make you wait long either. Turnaround time can range from 48-hours to three weeks or less, depending on the type of video we’re working on.

Our style of wedding video is “behind the scenes”, meaning that we film with very little to no intrusion on the events of the day, capturing candid moments throughout.

We love to meet with our clients before the wedding day either in-person or over conference call to go over the schedule, answer any questions, and ensure any special requests are addressed. The best place for an in-person meeting is always the venue itself, so we can plan out our shot locations and familiarize ourselves with the venue.


Interested in just live streaming the ceremony to geographically distant friends and family? We can broadcast your ceremony to your favorite online platforms with one or two cameras and clean audio capture. Pricing varies with camera setup and internet arrangements provided by the venue or through cellular hotspot connection. In either scenario, you will also receive a 1080 HD copy of the broadcast in its entirety within 48-hours or less from the wedding date.

Count on a highlight video capturing the best moments from a 9-hour block that one or two of our video pros are on site. This video will include audio capture as well from select moments during the ceremony and reception toasts. Your video will be backed with royalty-free, themed music that you can hand-pick if you’d like. This video can be provided in full HD or 4K for a small additional fee and made available within two to three weeks.

Get the absolute most of your wedding day with full recaps of all formal events, candid moments throughout the day, and cap it all off with special messages from your guests, in video booth-style, at the end of your video. This video, provided in full HD or 4K, can be upwards of an hour or longer and provide the most comprehensive storytelling of your special day. Contact us for a private screening of a feature-length wedding video today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cinematic to us refers to creating videos as though they were feature films. This means that we capture content that visually tells the story of your wedding day ranging from glamour shots of the venue, artistic shots from creative angles and with camera movement, and record formal events from multiple angles allowing for a changing shot during editing. We also record additional dialogue above and beyond other wedding videographers that provide our couples with memorable content they’ll be able to look back on years into their marriage.

We can custom-tailor a package for you providing crew on site for as many hours as you want. Most weddings typically require at least 6-8 hours on site to be comprehensive, depending on the type of video we are producing. As such, our pre-made packages are priced according to this time estimate.

Upon request, we can provide raw video clips, loosely organized by location of the shot. There is a small fee to cover the cost of a storage medium, typically a 1TB external hard drive, and shipping of the device through UPS ground. Alternatively, couples can provide us a storage device of their own to offset the cost of the device.

Upon receiving payment in full for services rendered, clients will retain ownership of all content and are free to use as they see fit. We do typically ask for (but not require) permission to repost a highlight video so that we can continue to attract interest of future newlyweds to our services.

Yes. If your venue requires proof of liability insurance, we are happy to submit what’s typically referred to as a “COI” form to them.

Yes! While audio from the wedding is only periodically included in highlight videos, it is always recorded for any full-length feature we produce. Audio for ceremonies is captured either through your DJ or through wireless mics provided to the minister and groom. For receptions, typically audio is captured through your DJ as they tend to provide a handheld microphone for reception toasts and other similar events.

We service all over Texas and parts of Oklahoma. Our immediate service area is within an hour drive in any direction of Frisco, TX covering most of the Dallas/Fort Worth and Denton area. Travel to wedding venues outside of this location may incur small additional fees including potential overnight stay at a nearby hotel.

Drone coverage from one of our licensed and insured pilots is available for $500 extra on average but is subject to FAA guidelines on proximity to airports, maximum altitude, and other regulations. The drone pilot can acquire glamor shots of the venue and some coverage of the ceremony upon request.