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Dallas Event RecordingEthos Media covers all types of live events, large and small, including conferences, festivals, performing arts, concerts, weddings, and more with video and photography services. Our team can produce highlight recap videos and full recordings of presentations or activities, and shoot candid action photos, each with their own unique applications. Our services can also include IMAG (broadcast of a live camera feed to a projector screen) and live streaming. Live streaming for a “hybrid” event is still a very useful tool to expand your audience and provides a way to increase revenue when access is ticketed. Event videos are often logistics-heavy, so it’s important to hire a team that will ask you the right questions during planning and anticipate potential issues during recording. Ask about our live-edit setup for fast turnaround on full HD edited videos. Our team can also provide you with consultation on best practices when it comes to using video and photography within your marketing campaign for future events and portraying your corporate culture.

New to Event Planning?

We’ve put together a brief but comprehensive guide to event planning that involves video production and recording. Watch our video and check out our blog post to get educated and help us provide you an estimate faster!


Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events are basically an event that can be attended in person as well as streamed online. The process of creating a hybrid event can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it, depending mostly on the level of interactivity you want to create for online or your virtual attendees.

On the simple end of things, simply have camera feed(s) broadcasted to YouTube, social media, and/or your choice of conferencing software. Through our services, you can install calls-to-action through on-screen graphics and integrate presentations graphics like PowerPoints that follow along with the presenter. This also applies to any pre-recorded videos that are played back during your event.

If you want to ramp things up more, you can have two-way interactivity between online attendees and those physically at your event. Live Q&A, polls, two-way communication, and more are all possible through the use of various software tools.

When contacting us about your hybrid event, be sure to let us know all your goals, and we’ll put together a plan to make it happen!

From Our Clients

We pride ourselves in maintaining consistently good reviews and have set up a Google Business Profile where clients of ours can read and write their own reviews and rate us accordingly. Please check our Reviews Page for live updates pulled from Google profile or search “Ethos Media Dallas” in Google to find the direct profile page.

Additional Live Event Services

In addition to multimedia made after your event, our team can provide a number of additional services to enhance event experience itself. Click through the various tabs to learn about our live event services and contact a producer for more details and a custom bid.

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