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In-person events are back in full swing throughout the country, and our team of experienced photographers are ready to capture the excitement, corporate culture, and document the VIPs. Our Dallas event photography services ensure that what we produce for you is perfect for marketing, replacement of stock photos in your online marketing, and can also be used in print materials.

Both raw and retouched photos can be delivered. A retouched photo will go through adjustments to color, contrast, exposure, framing, and other attributes of digital photos in order to ensure optimal presentation of the content. If you need professional photos for same or next-day updates to your social media, we can provide fast turnaround on select shots for that very purpose. Additionally, all retouched photos can be provided in both print and web resolution format so that you have quality imaging whether posting online or printing for marketing collateral.

Interested in additional services including a photo montage video or custom watermarking for your photos? Our team can provide these on top of our standard photo service for a more engaging experience to your event attendees.

Contact us about red carpet-style professional headshots, set up right at your event! Have questions? See if they’re answered on our photography FAQ page.

Dallas Event Photography

Dallas Event Photography

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Dallas Event Photography

Check out the top five benefits of event photography and the value professional photographers add to the experience and to your marketing efforts. Also check out our blog post for information the best way to achieve a ROI from event photos.

  • Photography Team Size: Let us help you determine the number of photographers needed to capture your event properly. This largely depends on the physical size of your event venue, simultaneous events that may be going on, and expected attendance.

  • Shot List: We’re very experienced at capturing events, but if there are certain things you do (or don’t) want us to capture that are unique to your event, let us know.

  • On-Site Services: Additional services we can provide include a backdrop setup for red-carpet photos (step and repeat with your logo), a headshot station, a photo montage video, and more.

  • General Logistics: We’ll need to know where your event is. From when to when is it? What should we know about dress code, parking, use of flash, and other logistics?

  • Deliverables: If you have a minimum number of retouched photos you’d like, let us know! We typically deliver photos via Dropbox, and shots can be categorized by content type or other methods, so that you and your team have an easier time finding the ones you want to publish.

  • Interested in 360 Photos? 360 or VR photos are compatible with most online platforms and can be posted on your website. They make for a unique and immersive way for viewers to experience your event. Viewers can look in any direction from where the camera took the shot and be able to get a better sense of what went on at your event.

Email us for a fast, no-obligation quote.

Include information on when, where, and for how long your event is. Let us know if you have specific needs such as multiple photographers or any add-on service.
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Photography FAQ

  1. How large is your event? Does it span many different areas within a venue and involve a lot of people? We estimate a single photographer for every 100 people that attend.
  2. Are there simultaneous activities going on that require coverage? We obviously recommend a photographer for each instance of this.
  3. Are you using photos for casual use or are they critical additions to your marketing? With the latter, multiple photographers are recommended to ensure the best coverage and most amount of shots to choose from.

In most cases, yes. If your event is such that flash would cause a disruption to the event, we have multiple methods to somewhat compensate for a lack of proper lighting. Let us know in advance if such arrangements need to be made.

Our primary method of delivery of photos is Dropbox, which has the following implications:

  • It does not require account creation for viewing or accessing.
  • Photos can be categorized into labeled folders for organization.
  • Mass download of photos via zip file is possible.

This is a video that can consist of photos taken from your event with same or next-day turnaround (for a multi-day event) that provide an entertaining way to preface a public address or just enhance the attendee’s experience overall. Photos are shown full-screen in with a Ken Burns-style transition from photo to photo every 5-10 seconds. Click here to see an example of such a video.

Interested in Dallas Event Photography but have questions? Check out this link for a list of more benefits to hiring an event photographer. We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below but welcome any and all questions directly. Contact us for more information. Don’t let unprofessional photos represent your brand as photos may be the first impression a customer has of your business and event.