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About Corporate Video Production

dallas corporate video productionThe key to good corporate video production is messaging. Translating your message into a format effective through video requires a knowledgeable producer that can not only craft dialogue in a particular manner but also think about supporting visuals, the right background music, and pulling the right content out of those put on camera. Our team is happy to interface with your existing marketing team or oversee the entire production from planning through final editing.

Whether you have or haven’t ever had a video produced on your behalf before, let one of our experienced producers work with you on crafting the video’s content. We’ll establish the working relationship parameters around whatever you are comfortable with. Corporate videos are different from commercials in several aspects including the main difference of not always intending to sell a product or service directly. Sometimes they’re meant for an internal audience or to showcase a corporate culture. Other times they can inform or serve as a means to gain entry into contests that require a video submission. Whatever your goals are, contacting us by phone or email will put you in touch with a producer that would love to meet with you in-person to discuss your ideas.

Benefits of Working with Ethos Media

Network of Professionals

Need an actor, voice actor, model, or other professional?

About 3rd Party Talent

Who appears on camera is a critical decision. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a tough decision. We are connected with a wide variety of professionals for just about any conceivable on-camera need and can recommend options to you. We pull from reputable talent agencies and independent talent, depending on the production.


Animation can have a powerful effect. Is it right for your video?

Being Animated

Both motion graphics and animation can demonstrate processes not easily filmed, add professional flair, and provide visual support to dialogue through charts and graphs. The options are endless for what can be created through modern animation! It’s important to know the difference between the types of animation.

Marketing Advice

Do you know what to do with your video(s) after they are made?

Marketing Advice

Depending on your company culture, advertising channels, content of the video, and other factors, we can provide advice on how best and where to use your videos for maximum effectiveness. The best time to have this conversation is during pre-production so we can factor that into how your videos are crafted.

Types of Corporate Video

Need to raise money? The fundamental question that donors to non-profits or crowdfunding campaigns ask, either consciously or subconsciously, is “what’s in it for me?” Your video needs to answer that question by showing a tangible benefit(s). The effective videos are part telling, through salesmanship of the individuals on camera, and part showing, which is a primary function we fulfill.  We’ll help you craft your story and work with whomever is on camera to help delivery an effective pitch.

Showcases a process with step-by-step instructions. Videos are heavy on graphics either as full-screen diagrams or partial screen overlays. These can provide substantial cost-savings over the logistics of physically repeating an instructional course over and over again to new employees or customers. Not comfortable on camera? Let our network of professionals learn the basics and they can present your dialogue in an effective and engaging way.

Create videos with any type of message meant for employees or affiliates of a company. Common examples include a quarterly update from the CEO or a highlight video of a company-wide event. If your organization hosts sales training seminars, talk to us about retaining that valuable information for years to come with HD video.

Showcases company involvement with a non-profit organization, community event, or internal activity designed to build company culture. If your customer base makes buying decisions based on these factors, then video is the primary and most effective way to influence that kind of behavior.

Capture candid content, interviews of important individuals, and general behind the scenes content for VLOGs, corporate events, and more. BTS videos can be for manufacturing processes, film & photo shoots, and setup for many types of events.

From Our Clients

I have worked with Devin and his crew on multiple video projects for both internal and external customers. Devin and the Ethos Media team exude creativity, productivity, and technological prowess. They care, and it shows in their work. The Ethos team is passionate about producing quality output for their customers. And they work efficiently to ensure your project is done on time. I highly recommend Ethos Media for your next video project.

-Jeff Bonkiewicz, Laticrete International

Truly a solution based organization! Devin and his teams ability to strategically develop and execute my companies vision in our most recent project was instrumental to our success. His creative and boundless high-level overview enabled United Rentals to deliver on our goals and expectations.

-Mauricio Grant, United Rentals

I have worked with Devin and his team at Ethos Media at two different companies now and have always been impressed with the final product. He has helped us with live videos as well as customized screen recorded videos and always provides robust support and fast turn-around times. I would highly recommend anyone reaching out to Devin if you’re looking for professional video services.

-Jennifer Herriford, ChemicalInfo

Getting Started with Corporate Video Production

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