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Dallas Commercial Video Production

Dallas commercial video production with Ethos Media can produce content for online, crowdfunding, and TV broadcast. Content is king in an over-saturated video market, so what approach is effective for your content? The answer depends on any number of factors including your corporate culture, target market, broadcast mediums, and the nuances of the actual product or service itself. Take advantage of our insight as video professionals as well as our network of resources both on and off-camera including professional actors, voice actors, and other talent. If you have your concept developed and just need a team to execute, we’ve got options for you at various budget levels. Not sure how to tell your story quickly and effectively? Let our producing team bring years of expertise to your unique product or service. Many of our clients haven’t had a video produced before, so we aim to be thorough in explaining the process and staying in regular communication throughout!

If your marketing strategy relies upon your online presence in any capacity, you need video. Upwards of 72 percent of ad agencies suggest that online commercials, utilized in social media, websites, and email blasts, are as effective as TV ads. A digital marketing strategy should include video as trends indicate that video streaming composed upwards of 74 percent of all web traffic during 2017.

Broadcasting Online

Which online platforms are you using to broadcast your video?

Platform Determines Content

More people will watch a commercial online than they will through their TV. Depending on your online platform, we can optimize any video specifically for that so it maximizes it’s reach.

Need a Spokesperson?

Do you hire outside talent to represent your company?

Image is Important!

Hiring a spokesperson does add cost to a production but can significantly improve the effectiveness of your video. Talk to an Ethos Media producer to find out why.

Long Delivery or Short?

How long should your commercial be? This depends on your platform.

Less (Can) Be More!

The first 15-30 seconds of your video are critical. Some platforms like Instagram limit video length. We’ll discuss factors like this and others with you.


Let us discuss with you effective use of animation.

Cost-effective animation.

We can have all types of animation produced for your video, but it’s critical to know what you’re asking for. Let one of our producers walk you through the ropes.

What to Expect on Costs

Content is king in the video world, and determining the right approach during pre-production can determine whether your video has an ROI or not. This explains why big-budget productions can flop while cell phone quality videos can sometimes go viral. Visual quality does play an important role in many scenarios, but ultimately people respond more to what informs them, makes them laugh, or has an emotional impact. Don’t already have your video’s details figured out? Let our team of creatives work with you on an approach.

Behind the Scenes

From Our Clients

Devin and team went far beyond our expectations in delivering a professional 3-minute video, and it was done in record-breaking time! Phenomenal work – highly recommended!!

-Derek Strauss, Gavroshe USA, Inc.

“Highly Recommend!! We recently used Devin at Ethos Media to produce an Instagram focused ad video. We are very pleased with the final result. The quality and impact of the video will be a great tool for us to grow our small business. Devin made the process easy and delivered the final result on time and within budget. As a small business owner, that is huge. We will definitely utilize their services again.”

-Aaron Hunsicker, Modern Luxe

I needed someone to help me with my Kickstarter campaign and after an online search, I viewed many media companies, I settled with Ethos Media and I am glad I did. Devin got involved putting together a team and right the way moved in the production of the videos. I will use Devin and Ethos media as many times as I will need.

-John Almeida, Atense, Inc.