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What to Know About Headshot Photography

Dallas-area headshot photographersHeadshots are a staple of any company’s or professional’s public image. Getting them done right will provide a photo that can be used for years on social media platforms, in print, and on websites or other online profiles. Ethos Media producer Devin Connelly breaks what to know about headshot photography so you can make an informed decision about requesting these type of services. Our Dallas-area headshot photographers will be happy to set up at your location or event and save your staff the hassle of travel to a studio.

We can and frequently do set up at your location for headshots, especially if providing services to a group. This saves you time and travel. Travel to most DFW or Denton locations does not incur any additional fees.

The standard backdrops are solid white, grey, or dark (black) for many headshots. Textured backdrops are also an option as well as natural backdrops. Natural backdrops simply mean we utilize what’s available on-location in case you have a decorative wall, large object, or branding graphics. Digital backdrops are also available for an additional fee. This setup involves use of a green screen which is then digitally replaced with your choice of custom backdrop that is created by us. Digital backdrops can mimic natural backdrops or consist of things like a color gradient or branded backdrop.

We provide headshots in both print and web resolution.

Print Resolution: This refers to 300 dots per inch (DPI) which is the standard by which most professionally printed images or photos are produced in to ensure quality print at almost any size. Print resolution images are naturally a much larger file size in order to retain the information needed for high quality print.

Web Resolution: Web resolution (72-92 DPI) composes much of what you see on your computer screen as it is not necessary to retain as much detail to reproduce images on a screen compared to a printed medium. Typically the digital size of this image (amount of pixels) is also smaller for the same reason. File sizes are therefore much more manageable when uploading/downloading or utilizing them in digital presentations such as PowerPoint.

Our standard service involves the taking of upwards of 3-6 images per person from which 2-3 are then chosen as deliverables. Those deliverables usually include at least one image with a “toothy” smile and one without. We also provide images in a vertically-oriented format to showcase more of the upper body in addition to a square-cropped perspective typically utilized in most social media platforms. This way, you have more flexibility with how headshots are used.

Your photos can be cropped to any aspect ratio and resized to any specific dimensions you have. Generally speaking, most online platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook will request a square image and then do a circular crop that you can customize from there once uploaded. Higher resolution images, designed for print, will always be larger than a web-optimized image and contain way more digital information than what’s needed for quality display on a computer screen or phone. Even if you have specific crop and size requirements, we generally will provide at least one image that is left near the original image frame to give you flexibility later on, if you change your mind.

Pricing is primarily determined by how many individual people we photograph within a session. It’s best to maximize the number of people in a given session as the per-person cost is reduced with a higher quantity. The type of backdrop may also play into pricing, especially with a digital backdrop. Most packages for a group session will fall between $800 – $1,500. Contact us for more details at [email protected]

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