Dallas Virtual Reality Video ProductionExploring 360 Content for Real Estate

360 videos and photos, often referred to as virtual reality, provide a complete a showcase of a property whose viewing experience is controlled by the viewer and unique for them each visit. Controls are available on their computers and mobile devices that allow them to look in any direction, at their discretion. The process for capturing content in this format has become considerably easier and more affordable over the years, and our team is proud to make it available to realtors, property owners, construction companies, and more. To see other 360 content and for more information, please visit our virtual reality page. Our service area is the entire Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton area as well as north of US 380 such as Prosper, Providence Village, Pilot Point, Aubrey, and others.

Interactive Virtual Tour

Features of Interactive Virtual Tours

These virtual tours can be embedded into your website for better branding control. If you site runs off WordPress, there is even a plugin for convenient embedding. They can also be downloaded and utilized offline for one-on-one or group in-person meetings. Additionally, these virtual tours utilize “Nadir” logos or circular logos that sit at the virtual bottom of each scene which can feature a company logo and custom text.

Navigation of these virtual tours can be accomplished in two different ways. Located at the bottom of the screen is a collapsible menu of thumbnail images that enable viewers to jump to a particular part of the property they want to see. Additionally, virtual icons (typically arrows) can be placed throughout the property that viewers can click on to proceed to an adjacent part of the property.

Hotspots are one of the coolest features of these interactive virtual tours. Hotspots can be placed anywhere within a scene and provide additional information about what the viewer is looking at via text, still images, or even video embeds. Our services can include the production of short video vignettes with a live tour guide that are produced exclusively for these types of tours. Ask for details on that!

Background music can be installed into a virtual tour to ideally provide your viewer with a more enjoyable viewing experience. As you’ll see in the demo on this page, the tour gives the viewer the option to enable or disable it and that functionality is preserved throughout the tour through the menu options located at the top right of the screen.

When creating a virtual tour, you can control where viewers look first when first loading a scene. You can also control how much they can zoom in or out. If you want each scene to slowly spin horizontally on its own, that functionality can be easily installed as well.

These virtual tours work with mobile devices with touchscreen navigation as well as gyroscopic responsiveness as well. That means whenever the viewer physically moves their phone or tablet in any direction, the virtual tour responds to that and rotates along with it. This is a particularly neat feature if your viewing audiences using VR goggles to watch this type of content.

Basic Package (Residential) – $450

  • Provides 360 photos for all major interior and exterior areas for most homes.
  • Each photo will be retouched to optimize appearance.
  • Nadir logo added to each scene upon request.
  • 48-hour or less delivery on photos.

(Add-On) Interactive Virtual Tour Creation – $200

Creation of interactive virtual tour with any of the following features

  • Royalty-free background music
  • Unlimited hotspots with text information embeds
  • Unlimited custom navigation arrows
  • Title and description install
  • Other miscellaneous feature configuration

(Add-On) Custom Photo and Video Hotspots – $350

  • Production of custom still photos (up to 20) for virtual tour hotspot embeds. Photos will be retouched to optimize appearance and provided separately in print and web resolution JPG format.
  • Production of up to five unique video vignettes featuring a live tour guide with teleprompter assistance for video hotspot embed.

Dallas 360 Virtual Tours in Video

  • Fully compatible with desktop / laptop computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Can be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, which can be linked to through real estate website profiles.
  • 4K resolution capability.
  • Can upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with 360 viewing capability.
  • Can include branding graphics and contact information.

360 Real Estate Photography

  • Fully compatible with desktop / laptop computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Can be uploaded to third party sites for linking to real estate profiles or directly to your own website.
  • Can upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with 360 viewing capability.
  • Can include branding graphics and contact information.

Hosting and Branding Options

A number of online platforms, each with both free versions and paid versions that provide various VR-friendly features, are available online to build your virtual tours online. Features include custom branding, zooming in and out of an image, hotspot creation, and embeds of traditional videos if you have those recorded. Contact us for details on what your specific needs are and we can recommend the right virtual tour host for you.

Nadir Logo and Hotspot Example