Crowdfunding Video Production

Crowdfunding Video Production

A video is the cornerstone of any successful crowdfunding campaign whether it’s on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or other sites. As your largest and most important investment out of the entire campaign budget, we want to make sure your ROI is maximized by bringing our expertise to the planning, production, and marketing process. All three stages will play a role in content crafting. We’ll seek to understand your target market, the platforms you’ll use to advertise, research successful campaigns for similar products or services, and ensure you have the right kind of video for each platform you use to get the word out. Our services will also include customizing the video (or videos) to the specific platform you intend to market on. Through partnerships, we can also help you invest in promotion campaigns that create news articles that cross-link to your campaign page and help get the word out.

Atense Computer Vaccine

Our video was a collaborative effort with Baesel Media Group who assisted with creative concept development, scripting, and strategy for release of content. Atense’s crowdfunding campaign is live and can be viewed here. What started out as an idea for a single video by the creator was expanded into a series of videos designed for different platforms. Check out the Social Media video above, the campaign video here, a detailed explainer video here, and supporting content from an IT security expert here.

X-PLO2R – Belluscura

Our video was a collaborative effort with RL Film Productions and helped Belluscura raise over £538k through Crowdcube in the United Kingdom market. Their product has become particularly important in the COVID-19 era.

The video combined a motion graphic sequence with still graphics, stock footage, and custom footage showcasing the product in action. We also enlisted professional voiceover talent from the UK to help reinforce the appeal of the product in that particular market.

Ultimate CPAP Cleaner

The Ultimate CPAP cleaner was created by Dr. Raj Kakar, a well-known sleep expert doctor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and ran along side his Ultimate Pillow campaign video which we also created.

The Fajita Butler Video

Our video was a collaborative effort with Baesel Media Group and RL Film Productions and brought together a team of fantastic professionals on all ends of production.

The Fajita Butler Success

The Fajita Butler Kickstarter Campaign began with a great idea and the desire to first reach out to home consumers before its planned marketing to restaurants and retail stores. Brian Butler poured considerable resources into its design and mass production in order to meet the anticipated demand generated from the Kickstarter campaign. Our team was contacted to help Brian tell the story behind the process of its design, why it’s a good idea for cooking enthusiasts, the perks of using it over similar products, and the call-to-action for Kickstarter support.

We shot copious amounts of product footage, interviewed Brian, visited the manufacturing plant and warehouse for additional footage, and filmed candid footage of the product being used all to visually represent the spoken dialogue. Ultimately the video went through two iterations before settling on the one currently in use. Check out the previous version at this link!

At the time of creating this page, the campaign exceeded its $20,000 goal by over $2,000 with time left to spare on the funding deadline.

Key Elements to Consider

crowdfunding video productionThere are several different considerations to make when crafting the content for crowdfunding video production that compare to and contrast from standard corporate or commercial videos.

Different from the two is the need to make a direct sales pitch with no promise of any immediate return. Most campaigns have to be funded before benefits can go out, so salesmanship is inherently more difficult. While we recommend each campaign have a prototype of their product or service, sometimes a pitch needs to be made without one. Our methods for content crafting are tailored to situations like these and others, as is the need for animation sequences for digital demonstration. At the end of the day, all videos need to have a plan for using them. They are a tool that needs to be used in the right way, in the right scenario, and at the right time.

  1. Do you have a prototype? It’s generally a good idea to showcase that your product or service already exists and is just waiting for crowdfunding to be brought to market. This ensures we can capture a variety of good footage to visually reinforce your dialogue as well. If you don’t have a prototype to show, an animated video is an option to help sell your idea. Contact us for details on various animation budgets.
  2. Do you show off a product/service or tell a story? Each of these approaches can be effective. If your product is compelling enough, it can usually stand on its own. If you want viewers to simultaneously connect with the individual or team behind the product the product, your video can be crafted to be equal or more parts story-based.
  3. Video costs. Like any video we do, your costs can vary depending on how much production value we create on both the filming side of things as well as during editing. We understand that with a video designed for fundraising, the idea is to keep costs as manageable as possible. If you have a compelling idea or product, then by all rights it should “sell itself”, meaning that we don’t necessarily need to have all the bells and whistles in a video to make it successful. If you know upfront that you’re on a budget, it’s considerably more efficient to disclose that information to us so we can then custom-tailor a production to fit.

Ethos media went above and beyond my expectations. I was totally lost trying to figure out how to create a good Kickstarter video for my project. Devin and his team took that pressure off of me and created something that put me well past my goal. Easy to work with and will literally bend over backwards to make his customers happy. He’s busy… and there is a reason for that!!!!! Can’t go wrong with Ethos Media!!!

-Brian Butler, The Fajita Butler

Standard Video Format

A standard 16:9 aspect ratio common with most HD videos that can be uploaded anywhere on the internet, but is most useful on YouTube/Vimeo and websites. Chances are you’ll want to have this type of video on your crowdfunding page.

Social Media Video Format

This video is re-formatted into a square or rectangular aspect ratio to better fit on mobile devices where the vast majority of social media usage takes place. It also is framed with a catchphrase on the top and bottom of the video frame ensuring that at least some part of your message gets across whether the viewer clicks on the video or not. Also, audio in video is disabled by default on platforms such as Facebook which further makes the case for this format.

From Our Clients

Crowdfunding Video Production

Devin and his Ethos team took our few ideas and produced multiple fabulous videos for our crowdfunding campaign. Great creativity was introduced into the videos and the work was done on a very short schedule. The resulting products are very impressive. I highly recommend Ethos for your video project.

-Charles Cotropia, CEO of BioClonetics

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