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As on off-shoot to our event recording, this service usually requires a unique type of audio recording and editing. Our experience as a concert recording company spans from heavy metal rock concerts in Dallas-area clubs all the way to performance halls with full-scale orchestras. Edited videos can include individual songs, highlight videos, and a full concert recap in our deliverables to you. Your videos can be utilized to promote your band or group for years to come. In order to provide an estimate for recording services, here is the checklist of information we’ll need to know:

  1. Where: name and address of venue. Can a site visit be scheduled in advance of your show?
  2. When: date, showtime, rehearsal time (if applicable), and time when doors open to the public.
  3. Composition: How large is your group? What are the individual instruments/singers?
  4. How Long: How long is the performance? Is there an intermission?
  5. Edited Content: How do you want edited content provided? Individual songs, highlight video, or full performance?
  6. Audio: We’ll need to know what audio arrangements are available through the venue, if any. We CAN provide custom audio setup and mixing services upon request. 

Concert Photography

Our concert photography services can provide both high and web-resolution, retouched photos so that you have the right material for merchandise, EPK’s, social media, album covers, Reverbnation profiles, and plenty of other uses. Our standard service guarantees 40 or more photos from an hour-long performance with more guaranteed for longer performances. Hire a professional photographer for as low as $650 which includes both shooting and retouching of select photos. Please use our contact form to fill us in on the details of your show such as when, where, how long, and group composition.

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Cost Considerations

The camera setup is a significant price factor, with more cameras increasing costs but also significantly improving the quality of the video. Budget multi-camera packages can set up fixed camera shots that are unmanned and can be done up to three cameras. Which option is right for your video depends on how the content will be used, so we invite you to contact us to discuss costs and implications of the camera setup

Audio recording can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Audience microphones. This is generally not recommended except for choirs/orchestras where the sheer number of performers makes individual mics impractical. Appropriate condenser microphones can be strategically placed to capture live audio in the venue.
  2. Live Board Recording. The venue’s soundboard typically has the ability to send a live mix it does for the house simultaneously to a recording device. While this recording option is generally at no additional cost, it does not provide control over individual channel levels in post-production. Whatever the house mixes is what is reflected in the recording.
  3. Multi-Track RecordingOur audio engineers can bring out a separate mixing console to live record each individual instrument and microphone. They can do an on-site mix, custom-tailored to the recording, or they can perform post-production services to fine-tune the recording. Costs are determined by the extent of the recording setup required in addition to post-production services, if requested. We can provide raw audio tracks upon request.

Venue considerations to make:

  1. Do they have platforms for cameras, a second story, or balcony area where line of sight is not blocked by the crowd? In multi-camera setups, generally at least one camera needs to be positioned in the audience area, so having it elevated above them is highly recommended.
  2. Do they have good sound? If you opt for using the house mix, it’s generally a good idea to ask around to see if there are samples of their mixes to verify the recordings are decent. In certain cases, some venues may not even mic certain instruments like bass guitar or drums due to the size of the venue and how loud they are in the house.
  3. If streaming, do the have decent internet access that is not shared by the public? Our recommended minimum upload speed is 10Mbps for a 1080 broadcast. If you’re wanting to stream your show, this should be something you ask about.
  4. How is their lighting? While our cameras can adapt to low-lighting scenarios, make sure the venue has invested properly into their lighting setup so that all areas of the stage are sufficiently covered.

Live Stream Your Concert

Ask us about ways to immediately monetize your show by engaging your fanbase! We can monitor live comments and respond with links to merchandise, online links to buy music, and a “tip menu” designed for fans to purchase unique and fun ways to interact directly with your live performance. Contact us for more details on how these methods can immediately monetize your performance.

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