Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Property management company SMK, Inc. contracted Ethos Media to provide commercial real estate virtual tours for their multi-unit facility in Flower Mound, TX which is primarily utilized for medical offices and similar purposes. Our approach was three-pronged and included photo capture, traditional video, which included aerial coverage from our licensed Part 107 pilot, as well as 360 video and photography. Read on below to see examples of our work.

Traditional Video

Traditional video coverage started with a professional voiceover recording of dialogue designed to introduce viewers to the benefits of working with SMK as a property manager. This dialogue, in conjunction with an artfully shot presentation of the facilities, provided a strong sales pitch. Since some of the facilities were unoccupied, we utilized various camera rigging tools at our disposal to provide cinematic motion to the shots, making otherwise shots of empty rooms more engaging. We also modified an animated logo reveal to introduce and close out the video along with aerial shots for an establishing shot of the overall property.


Our still image photography of the property was comprehensive from both ground level and the air with our drone. Each image was provided in both a print and web resolution JPG format for maximum utility in most applications. In certain cases, an extra copy of exterior photos were provided with external signage digitally removed and replaced with the surrounding texture. This was done in the event certain businesses move in and out over time.

360 Video / Virtual Tour

About This Service

Actual commercial real estate virtual tours can be a product of 360 video or footage uploaded to your choice of hosting platform including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and others. They can also be a series of photos that, with the appropriate plugins or hosting service, can be used as standalone images on the internet. 360, as the name implies, gives viewers camera control to look in any direction, at any time. Check out more about 360/virtual reality on our primary page.

Taking it a step further to give viewers a more engaging and comprehensive tour of a property involves utilizing a third party service such as Google Tours, 360 Player, Theasys, and RoundMe. With these, you can create tours with 360 photos that have embedded links in the images that provide textual descriptions of what the viewer is looking at, links to other images, and in some cases, YouTube video embeds. The pricing of these third party services ranges from free, to a one-time fee, to monthly hosting cost, depending on the service and features.

Contact us about assistance in creating these commercial real estate virtual tours within these third party services.

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