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We explain a great deal of our process here, why we use the equipment we do, and ultimately what separates us from other production companies.

Join Us in Supporting a Great Organization

2017 Year in Review Footage filmed by Ethos Media is strewn about this 2017 year in review recap video, primarily from the Refugio County, TX relief effort immediately after Hurricane Harvey. Additionally, photos were taken of the team's relief effort. EF-3 Tornado - Alto, TX [...]

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How Ethos Media (and You) Can Help Advance Medical Science

Ethos Media Joins Folding @ Home Ethos Media has joined the Folding @ Home effort, using our primary video editing computer to help complete rendering processes necessary to simulate protein folding models that help scientists around the world understand how infectious diseases work. Ultimately, this type of effort will lead [...]

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Video Streaming is the Vast Majority of Internet Usage. What Does That Mean?

How to Benefit from Online Video Marketing Dozens of articles will inform you that the vast majority of internet traffic is composed of video streaming. Articles like this one, that one, this one over here, and don't forget this one either. I didn't even have to search hard on Google [...]

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Screen Capture Video Production Services

Screen Capture Video Production Services Screen capture videos are a handy way to showcase software processes, website functions, and other content that is otherwise displayed on a computer screen. Our professional screen capture video production services provide much more than what most software is capable of doing on its own, and [...]

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Frisco Video Production Company

In addition to serving the entire Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, we are proud to also call ourselves a Frisco video production company and a former member of the broadcast crew for both the Frisco Roughriders Baseball Team and Texas Legends Basketball Team. We also routinely provide video production services to Insight for Living [...]

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