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Top Six Best Ways to Get a ROI from Event Photos

Top Six Best Ways to Get a ROI from Event Photos Over the course of shooting many events, we've seen ways that our clients have utilized photos and wanted to pass on this advice to help everyone see the value in hiring one or several of our professional event photographers. The [...]

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Client Profile: Video Podcast Recording – Mike Drop Podcast

Podcast Video Recording This client profile blog post outlines our Dallas video podcast recording service provided to the Mike Drop Podcast hosted on YouTube and promoted through various websites by the host. Host Mike Ritland is a former Navy SEAL, author, professional service dog trainer, and public speaker. On the Mike [...]

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Advice for Creating Videos for Social Media

Advice for Creating Videos for Social Media In our continuing analogy of relating videos to actual hand tools, this is some sdvice for creating videos for social media, which also include platforms such as YouTube that have viewer interactive components to it and tools to directly drive sales. Why Captions? [...]

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Top Three Ways to Make Video Advertising Effective

The Value Proposition The value proposition of a video simply means, what does your viewer get out of watching it? Why should they stop what they're doing to watch your content? Is their life enriched in some way? Remember that especially with online marketing, chances are your [...]

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What to Know About Headshot Photography

Headshot Examples What to Know About Headshot Photography Headshots are a staple of any company's or professional's public image. Getting them done right will provide a photo that can be used for years on social media platforms, in print, and on websites or other online profiles. Ethos Media [...]

By |2020-06-24T15:37:17-05:00June 10th, 2019|Photography Advice|0 Comments
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