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New To Video Interviews? Here’s What to Expect

How to Prepare for Video Interviews This blog posts is aimed at the individual that wants to produce a video for their business but has never been interviewed on camera before. Our goal is to make you look and sound as good as possible, so to that end, we want you [...]

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Join Us in Supporting a Great Organization

2017 Year in Review Footage filmed by Ethos Media is strewn about this 2017 year in review recap video, primarily from the Refugio County, TX relief effort immediately after Hurricane Harvey. Additionally, photos were taken of the team's relief effort. EF-3 Tornado - Alto, TX [...]

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How We Make You Look “Cinematic”

Filming in High Dynamic Range Most people are aware of high dynamic range or "HDR" for short. They've seen it advertised on TVs as a premium feature. Ever wondered how it's filmed? Our cameras can film in high dynamic range, and it would probably surprise most to learn that the [...]

By |2020-06-23T11:12:08-05:00May 19th, 2020|Video Production Advice|0 Comments

How Ethos Media (and You) Can Help Advance Medical Science

Ethos Media Joins Folding @ Home Ethos Media has joined the Folding @ Home effort, using our primary video editing computer to help complete rendering processes necessary to simulate protein folding models that help scientists around the world understand how infectious diseases work. Ultimately, this type of effort will lead [...]

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Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours Property management company SMK, Inc. contracted Ethos Media to provide commercial real estate virtual tours for their multi-unit facility in Flower Mound, TX which is primarily utilized for medical offices and similar purposes. Our approach was three-pronged and included photo capture, traditional video, which included aerial [...]

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