DFW Video Production CompanyAbout Us – Ethos Media

Our DFW video production company, Ethos Media, was founded by Devin Connelly and Ridge Miller officially in 2013. Prior to that point, both have been involved in various aspects of production and editing before teaming up. Our goal was to distinguish ourselves by offering quality productions at competitive pricing while also using the company as a means to help non-profits on a pro-bono basis. Since that time, we’ve served hundreds of clients and many charities including Stonebriar Community Church, Metro Relief, Hope Fellowship, New York City Relief, Minuteman Disaster Response, Revolution Church, Haitian Bible Church, and others.

About Devin Connelly – Lead Producer

Devin Connelly is a proud father of two girls, Kaitlyn and Erin, production gear enthusiast, online gamer, bogey golfer, and attends church in the North Dallas area regularly. Formally starting out in the industry as early as 2010, it was not until after several internships amounting to very little and failed attempts to work for other production companies that he decided to learn on his own with the launch of Ethos Media, officially in 2013. Since then, he has continued to develop his skills both as a profession and as a hobby, culminating in to what you’ll see throughout this website. He loves talking shop with anyone and will gladly pair up with you on the golf course or on games like Overwatch or World of Warcraft!

DFW Video Production CompanyProduction Capabilities

We utilize industry-grade Sony mirrorless cameras, Panasonic professional camcorders, a Tricaster Mini HD-4 Advanced, and an assortment of professional audio and lighting equipment coupled with various camera rigging technology to ensure that our productions look great. For those interested in top tier footage from cinema cameras, we utilize those too when appropriate to do so. In many of our videos, you’ll see artistic shots with smooth, cinematic movements. You’ll see high dynamic range footage that captures close to what the human eye would naturally see, and you’ll also see cinematic depth of field to enhance focus on the intended subject.

DFW Video Production CompanyEmphasis on Content

The reality is that there is no shortage of video content out there, most of which gets little attention regardless of production quality. You can see cellphone videos go viral with large productions failing to break even on their production budget. The reason is content. Is the content targeted at a particular market? Does your viewing audience even care about what your video is saying? Do you have strong visuals to support the video’s dialogue? Is there a plan in place to get the content in front of people that would care? If a DFW video production company isn’t talking to you about these things at all, they’re doing you a disservice. Our production team includes producers with experience in video content and marketing and can work with you exclusively on that aspect of the video throughout the production process.

Production Pricing

We go over factors that play into pricing on this page of our website more extensively. The long and short of it is, a baseline budget will be established with options to enhance your video further. To help clients make an informed decision, we go over the cost-benefit of these and have numerous blog articles that discuss these factors. After a certain budget level, which varies from production to production, videos can be produced at that level or many times that amount. What we recommend will never be within the realm of diminishing returns as we don’t look to spend money needlessly.

Network of Professionals

We’re networked with other production professionals that we both work for and have work for us. We also have convenient access to a wide range of on-camera and voiceover talents, both represented by agencies and independents that have reached out to us over the years. Whatever your demographic preferences are to present your content, we’ll be able to find someone to fit the bill.

If your shoot requires professional makeup to optimize appearance, we work with several independent professionals that can provide quality touch-ups both to the face and hair.

Streaming and Event Video Logistics

With years of experience in event video and streaming logistics, we know what it takes for a stream to be successful and how to avoid logistical pitfalls that can wreck a live stream. We discuss some of our insight in this blog post, but make it a point to visit every venue in advance of a live stream to ensure it goes smoothly. We’ll help you understand how the streaming side of your event fits in with the layout of your event and tailor your level of involvement to the degree you are comfortable with. Whether you’re completely hands on or want to leave it entirely up to us, our team has your team covered.

We are located at 1910 Pacific Ave, #501, Dallas, TX 75201 but meet clients at their location or public venues of their choosing.