Live Streaming Spotlight

Did you know that Ethos Media was hired to be a production partner for the U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team? We broadcasted their first competition since the pandemic which featured athletes from over 20 different nations. Our three-day broadcast consisted of a multi-camera shoot with graphics and live commentary integration. The sample above is the evening meet from three days of broadcasting.

2020 Demo Reel

Check out highlights from our recent work. Watch this short but comprehensive overview of the value we provide to our clients through our video, live streaming, photography, and virtual tour production. We are a Dallas video production company but serve clients all over the country, so contact us for competitive rates on high quality productions today!

Spotlight Commercial

Our work with Comm-Fit consisted of a series of videos that showcases their product line, business model, and the value they bring to their own clients. We also produced a series of both product and lifestyle demonstration photos that are being used online and in print materials.

Dallas Video Production Company

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Dallas Video Production Company

We’re glad you’ve taken the time to explore our video production and photography services. We produce all types professional and creative projects ranging from corporate messaging, commercials, event coverage, live streaming, virtual reality, aerial drone coverage, performing arts recording, music videos, and crowdfunding campaign videos.

Founded in 2013, our team brings together Dallas video production company professionals both behind the camera and in front of it as well to assist with all stages of production ranging from concept planning through final editing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at getting digital media produced or this is your first time at it, we’re thrilled to provide all necessary consultation and fill in any gaps to bring your project to life.

As a Dallas video production company, we’ve had the opportunity to cover a wide range of events, work with a highly diversified client-base, and consult with our clients on best practices for using video in today’s marketing environment. It’s why we frequently go above and beyond in custom-tailoring content for specific, online platforms. When reaching out, let us know as much about your project as you can, and you’ll be personally responded to within 12 hours or less. Communication is key in our industry, so we’ll aim to maintain that throughout the entire production process and can be reached through a variety of methods including email, phone, text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Interactive Virtual Tour

SMU Meadows Museum offers a virtual tour experience with interactive links on their exhibits thanks to assistance from Ethos Media in creating this online tour. Use the navigation arrows to “walk” around the museum and explore their fine art!

Learn more about our new and improved Interactive Virtual Tours here.

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Video Pricing

Video is a highly customizable product. This quick video goes over why and how we price most video productions. Our value as a Dallas video production company is both in the concept develop phase as well as the execution. Our goal is to give you control over many creative elements with cost-benefit analysis from our perspective as video professionals. Our pricing guide is explained in more detail on our Pricing page.

Photography Services

An event photo album is a valuable tool with many applications. Replace stock photos with custom photos that reflect your real business or event. Don’t settle for smartphone company advertising that tries to portray their devices as a replacement for a professional photographer. Check out this video to learn why and read our article on the numerous benefits of professional photos from an event!

Live Streaming

Professional live streaming is the future of video production, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. To do live streaming correctly, there is a planning process we discuss both in this video and on our live streaming page. Our goal is to help you plan, budget effectively, and assist with creative content creation to help make your broadcast a success! When necessary, we partner with other professional event organizations to help with live audio, lighting, and staging to ensure any in-person guests have a fantastic experience as well.


We operate in and throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth and Denton area. In-person meetings are always done at a client’s location or public place of choosing for their convenience. If you prefer a conference call, we can connect with you through most major software such as Zoom and Skype.

Sample Client Reviews

We are well-reviewed on both Facebook and Google from our current and past clients. Our clients enjoy timely delivery of services, communication and transparency throughout, as well as add-on services often provided for little to no extra cost to assist in their overall marketing efforts. Check out all of our reviews on our review page.

Behind the Scenes

About Our Dallas Videographer Team

dallas videographerOur Dallas videographer  team  consists  of  professionals  from  other  production  companies  or service providers that  often  bring  in  their own expertise and equipment to the table to help supplement with Ethos Media has in-house. We’ve contracted with people from Dallas Drone Pros, RL Film Productions, Baesel Media Group, Vidda Films, and many voiceover and on-camera talent from agencies in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

We have a good handle on venues for hosting events specifically for live streaming or for recording corporate messaging. We’ve worked at many Hilton hotels, smaller event venues, and studios and can recommend the best location for your shoot during the pre-production process. When it comes to image quality, we primarily utilize the fantastic Sony line of mirrorless cameras as well as the recently added FX6 cinema camera. We also have professional-level Panasonic cameras for event and live streaming jobs that require distance between camera and subjects.

Get to know the Lead Content Producer, Devin Connelly, on our About Us page.